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August 31, 2014 - Picnic Time

Hop Farm Festival...Debbie Harry of Blondie performs on theatre during a Hop Farm Festival, Paddock Wood, Kent. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Friday Jul 2, 2010. Photo credit should read: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire...E

Electric Picnic is on us. But with so many artists – and a immeasurable sideshow of non-musical attractions – removing a many from your 3 days during Stradbally can be a challenge. Ed Power has finished a tough work for you, avoiding clashes, and including a offbeat and mainstream, for a ultimate three-day time-line – usually follow his directions for your best Picnic ever. See we down a front!


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Sleep Thieves, Body and Soul Stage, 5pm.

Swoonful, soulful vibes from free-floating Dublin common – a ideal soundtrack to pull we into a Picnic spirit.


The Strypes, Main Stage, 6pm.

Still in their teens, these Cavan teenagers nonetheless come off like refugees from a late 60s, with bluesy roots stone that draws on a excellence days of The Rolling Stones, Yardbirds etc. Prediction: regardless of a weather, during slightest half of a organisation will wear shades.


Mixology and a Future of Craft Distilling, Theatre of Food, 7pm

Award winning ‘mixologist’ Darren Geraghty delivers a masterclass in cocktail trends while Seaneen Sullivan of hipster church L Mulligan Grocer (and latterly, Brown Paper Bag Project Brewery) discusses qualification drink enlightenment in Ireland.


Blondie, Main Stage, 7.15pm.

Led by a healthy Debbie Harry, new-wave pin-ups Blondie frisk by 4 decades of hits, from sweet-yet-spikey early standards such as Hanging On a Telephone and Heart of Glass to element from their ’90s quip (expect cuts from this year’s ‘not terrible’ new LP Ghosts of Download also).


Girl Band, Body and Soul Stage, 9.15pm

Up-and-coming Dublin indie-rockers, many dear by a UK song press (over here we can’t make adult a minds either a suitable response is ‘yeh!’ or ‘meh’).


James Murphy DJ Set, Electric Arena, 10pm.

Hipster granddaddy and disciple for a ‘neck brave ‘ – seriously, a dude has hair roughly to his adam’s apple – Murphy flirted with stone stardom around meditative person’s locus rope LCD Soundsystem. But, aroused of branch into a unhappy aged rocker, he pulled a block on a plan as his 40s dawned. Now he goes behind to his initial pursuit as immaculately beautiful curator of dance-floor smashes.



Tune-yards, Body and Soul Arena /The Minutes, Salty Dog Stage

Imagine being walloped about a chops with a feminist dissertation while, in a background, someone attempts to play Destiny Child’s Survivor regulating usually drum guitar and drums. At full tilt, that’s a decent estimation of a sound Merrill Garbus strives for – her lyrics representation a bat towards a arm of a patriarchy nonetheless a vibes are relentless and irresistible. In a good way, a preachiness gets lost.



Trinity Orchestra, 12.30pm

Dapper undergrads re-tool a hits of Daft Punk and others in large rope fashion. Very crafty apparently – nonetheless a grooviness will pull we in notwithstanding yourself.


Booka Brass Band, Rankin Woods 1.30 pm

More large rope fun this time from this ‘New Orleans-style’ Dublin eight-piece.


Spies, Little Big Tent, 3.30pm

Part of an ongoing upswell of Irish ‘post-rock’ outfits, Spies splice zinging riffs, labyrinthine song-structures and tangible singing (is that allowed?). You’ll be baffled, in an wholly acceptable fashion.


Wild Beasts, Main Stage, 3.45pm

A crash-course in widescreen bonker-dom from a Mercury-nominated UK group, whose tunes mix passionate repression, medieval beats and egghead wig-outs estimable of Pink Floyd during their Floyd-iest.


Music Is The Food, Theatre of Food, 4pm

Food author John McKenna chats with Paul Flynn (The Tannery), Kevin Thornton (Thornton’s), Declan Maxwell (Chapter One), Joe Macken (Jo’ Burger ) and Niall Stokes, editor of Hot Press.


Hozier, Main Stage 5.30pm

What’s with a straggly, street-performer hair waving in his face? We have no thought – but, carrying sampled a Bray singer’s self-titled entrance album, honestly his controversial styling choices feel beside a point. A bluesman from a wilds of Wicklow, Hozier is about to have a really large year – creation this a ideal time to locate him.


Frank and Walters,  Jerry Fish,  Electric Sideshow, 8pm/ White Denim, Cosby Stage 8pm

Nineties nostalgia will be served adult in inexhaustible portions as Cork’s many successful indie 3 square ever reprise such batty smashes as Happy Busman and Michael. The over-emotional After All we can do nonetheless – otherwise, their catalog has aged well. At a Cosby Stage, Texas three-piece White Denim holder out unreconstructed garage rock.


Simon Amstell, Comedy Tent, 8.15pm

Rib-cracking humour and existential moochiness are both on a menu as brow-knotted comic Amstell puts in a unaccompanied Irish performance. His element is slicing and really really dim – usually as good his best gags broach knock-out punches of observational ribaldry.


FKA Twigs, Little Big Tent, 8.30pm

Tahliah Barnett cuts and pastes Beyonce and Massive Attack – her songs are familiar nonetheless intriguingly outlandish with it.


London Grammar, Electric Arena 9.30pm.

It’s Hannah Reid’s overwhelming vocals that draws a courtesy – but, in a prolonged run, London Grammar’s slow-burn music, unhappy and lulling, is what will have we hooked. One of a best groups to emerge final year, a UK three-piece had a estimable radio strike with Wasting My Young Years, an evocative elegy about being immature and directionless.


Portishead, Main Stage, 10.35pm

Stony-faced, mysterious, nonetheless with beats that could arise a recently expired, Portishead’s sound is so unaccompanied that, in a way, it doesn’t matter that they haven’t put out a new record in 6 years, or that their best desired tunes sound like variations on a theme. The devout leaders of a 90s trip-hop theatre aren’t accurately celebration starters – still, design their roiling mini-symphonies to send a outrageous chill down Stradbally’s common nape.


SBRKT, Electric Arenas 12.30

Sublime dance-pop from a guy who insists on wearing a immeasurable African genealogical facade on stage. Everyone has to have shtick – thankfully’s SBRKT’s song is uncommonly danceable and a stupid sauce adult does not confuse as many as we feared.



Dublin Gospel Choir, Main Stage, 1pm

How improved to start a morning than with a hits of Bastille, Radiohead etc, interpreted by a capital’s earlier gospel ensemble?


Jenny Lewis, Rankin Woods 3pm

With her honeyed voice and gossamer songs, it would be easy to mistake ex Rilo Kiley thespian Jenny Lewis as an darling indie-pop cupcake. But no – underneath a aspect her songs are dim and serrated, heaving with angst. At a prior Picnic she was a conform prodigy of a festival with hardly -there bullion sore hot-pants.


Laura Mvula, Electric Arena 4.15pm

Mercury- nominated Mvula worked as a receptionist during Birmingham Orchestra. She contingency have been profitable courtesy during rope practice: her songs mix a heart and essence of blues with a grave aspiration of initial exemplary music.


Jungle, Rankin Woods, 6.45 pm

When their vivid videos – Wes Anderson-esque tableaux filmed in super delayed suit – started popping adult on YouTube late final year, small was famous of Jungle, solely that they were from London and, by a sounds of it, rather moody. They were eventually ‘unmasked’ as Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland, bedroom-based producers who trust their song should pronounce for itself.


Tortilla Off, Theatre of Food, 6.45 pm

Anyone for a foodfight? Mexican food aficionados Caitlin Ruth and Danette Milne strive to ready a best burrito. Both are intensely achieved in a kitchen – bend adult for a tinkle culinary face off.


St Vincent, Electric Arena, 7pm

Annie Clark’s warn makeover as a Frankenstein’s Bride of smarty-parts indie stone has been a delight – nonetheless we think that has as many to do with her Beyonce-worthy dance manoeuvres as with cage-rattling songs such as Rattlesnake and Digital Witness, a latter a relocating defence for tellurian tie in a universe besieged by Twitter vapidity.


David O’Doherty, Comedy Stage, 8.15pm

Wry humour from a minstrel of plinky-plonky comedy pop. Doherty’s element is during such a amiable representation it can infrequently seem as if he isn’t behaving during all, merely rowdiness about during a keyboard. Then a punch-line smacks we between a eyes and we know because he’s one of a country’s many reputable comics.


The Horrors, Cosby Stage, 9.30pm

The final good British stone rope of their era, a Londoners mix new-wave archness and sparkling 21st century grooves. Led by someday artist and former beaux of Peaches Geldof Faris Badwan.


Perfume Genius, Body and Soul Stage, midnight

How improved to turn a weekend off than with an elephant-flooring sip of antacid electronica? Okay, so it sounds like an nervous approach to tighten your festival. And yet, Mike Hadreas’ songs are so gorgeously fabricated they win we over notwithstanding yourself. Michael Stipe and Daniel Craig are fans – so if you’re jumpy and self-consciously center class, you’ll adore him to bits.

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