The VIP Treatment: How London Restaurants And Hotels Reward Their Regulars

November 30, 2014 - Picnic Time

“The hotel offers a series of personal touches for unchanging guests. When branch down a room, if a guest has been  reading a book and they see it has been left open on a bedside list with no bookmark, they place a unequivocally pleasing bookmark in there alongside Hotel Chocolat chocolates, that are left nightly on a table.  For business guests, or guest who have trafficked a prolonged stretch a hotel leaves a luxurious bubble bath on a bathtub with a note to contend “We know you’ve had a prolonged day, wish this helps we to relax.’” –The Varsity Hotel in Cambridge

“Our booze list is a largest Premium NZ booze list in Europe, and so whenever a favourite unchanging tells us they adore a booze we make a note on a system. Then when they come behind for a celebration, or only if we haven’t seen them in a small while we will take them a potion of their favourite sparkle or booze to let them know we remembered.” – The Providores and Tapa Room

“When guest revisit for a special arise they are immediately greeted with a potion of Champagne or anniversary cocktail possibly in a bar or on a overwhelming patio to symbol a occasion. Executive Chef Tony Fleming will always ready possibly an middle march or pre-dessert to showcase a excellent anniversary mixture and give a business a ambience of a arriving menus. Special guest can watch a group work from a Chef’s View semi-private dining room while holding in City views.” – Angler Restaurant during South Place Hotel


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