This Fitzroy pub is offered takeaway cruise hampers all summer long

November 30, 2017 - Picnic Time

Melburnians adore a good picnic, roughly as most as they adore sauce for both summer object and winter blizzards within a 24-hour span. But some-more mostly than not by a time we get to your favourite cruise mark a drink is warm, a food’s cold and we realize we forgot a rug.

Now a good folks during The Recreation have taken a cruise diversion to a whole new level. They’ve put together a integrate of tasty, take-away hampers ideal for your subsequent tour down a park. Best of all? The Recreation is usually a stone’s chuck from Edinburgh Gardens, definition we don’t have to go distant to find a ideal mark to relax and suffer your lunch.

Each of a hampers feature tasty summer dishes with one catering to vegetarian picnickers. You can possibly collect one of a pre-made hampers, or lay down with a integrate of aperitifs while we wait for them to whip one adult for you. Head into a bottle emporium on a weekends to make your sequence and collect adult a few bottles of a good things for cruise dance by a park. Each bushel is $65 and will shortly be accessible by Uber Eats.

This is a ideal thought if we like to suffer your excellent dining underneath a untrustworthy tree, or on a beach. Now all we have to remember to container is a cruise rug.  

The dual hampers on offer are: 

First option 

Bread and butter
Pork and pistachio terrine, duck liver parfait, piccalilli, cornichons
Barbecue free-range Milawa chicken 
Potato salad
Mixed root salad
Tomme d’abondance and croutons
Sticky date pudding, chantilly

Second Option 

Bread and butter
Mixed grains and beans, barbequed vegetables, tahini dressing
Spätzle, cavolo nero, mushrooms, reblochon sauce
Mixed root salad
Tomme d’abondance and croutons
Sticky date pudding, chantilly

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