This Texas grill corner will give we a bonus for carrying a gun

January 19, 2016 - Picnic Time

The brisket during Brooks’ Place arrives with a deep, hazed bellow that a griddle master lovingly refers to as “black gold.”

The line outward a grill joint, small some-more than a trailer and a few cruise tables parked outward an Ace Hardware in this Houston suburb, starts building midmorning. Customers need usually move a plain ardour and a bit of time.

And a gun, if you’re looking for a discount.

Out back, a generator hums rhythmically and post ash logs are piled subsequent to an honest grill pit, enveloped in a mist of delicious smoke. There are signs banning pets, brief shorts and sagging pants, and another with a design of a handgun. “Firearms welcome,” it reads.

“We felt a need to tell gun owners we don’t need to worry about being judged,” pronounced owners and cook Trent Brooks, sitting circuitously another pointer that said, “Thank we for carrying your gun today.”