‘This wasn’t a murder during a Kiwanis Club picnic’

June 23, 2015 - Picnic Time

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Posted: Monday, Jun 22, 2015 11:29 pm

‘This wasn’t a murder during a Kiwanis Club picnic’

By Martin Martinez


After Abel Carmona Jr. was shot during a drug understanding final June, he ran toward friends who had accompanied him to a unit formidable where a understanding was to take place, a prosecutor pronounced Monday.

“The justification will uncover that Abel Carmona ran a brief stretch in that parking lot going towards a area where his friends had been parked,” pronounced Scott Minter, arch partner district attorney. “At around that time, they had listened a gunshot so they went around a dilemma into that area. They see (Carmona Jr.) using toward him (friend Marcos Soto) and they hear him roar ‘Marcos’ and afterwards collapse.”

Minter done a statements during his opening justification in a murder hearing of Marquis Dequan Tanner. It is a initial of 3 trials that will concentration on a events surrounding a genocide of Carmona Jr. on Jun 18, 2014, in a parking lot of an unit formidable during 214 N. Easterling St. in Dalton. Superior Court Judge Jack Partain is presiding.

Minter pronounced a occurrence began when Carmona Jr. and his friends Soto and Roberto Lopez motionless to use $950, that Soto perceived from offered his car, to buy a quarter-pound of marijuana.

“The devise was to be that they would squeeze this marijuana, spin around and sell it fast in smaller portions to other people during a marked-up cost and hillside a increase from that,” pronounced Minter.

Minter pronounced a 3 designed to accommodate with Endy Becerra, another male indicted in a murder case, to buy a marijuana.

“The problem was Endy Becerra didn’t have a quarter-pound to sell,” he said. “So what he does is call his crony Tywon Jay Henderson.”

Henderson is a third male indicted in this case. Minter explained to a jury Becerra and Henderson called Tanner since they believed he had adequate pot for a deal. Eventually, a 3 would accommodate adult with Carmona Jr. and his friends in a parking lot of a unit complex.

“Abel Carmona gets out of (his) automobile and gets in a automobile with a suspect (Tanner), Endy Becerra and Tywon Henderson,” pronounced Minter. “Becerra starts to expostulate off and during that point, a justification will show, Abel Carmona got nervous. He unequivocally doesn’t know any of these guys. It was his friends who kinda connected with Endy nonetheless they didn’t unequivocally know him either, they only knew that series as someone who could sell we marijuana.”

Minter pronounced as a automobile began to leave a unit formidable Tanner threatened Carmona Jr. and after got out of a automobile and shot him.

“The justification will uncover a suspect incited around in his seat, reached over a behind seat, grabbed Abel Carmona, had a gun in his hand, put it to Abel Carmona’s conduct and said, ‘Give me a (expletive) money,’” pronounced Minter.

“Tanner gets out of a car, goes to a back newcomer door, pulls Abel Carmona out of a automobile and there is an justification and struggle,” pronounced Minter. “The justification will uncover he’s got Abel Carmona adult opposite a back newcomer side of that automobile and a justification will uncover that a gun was fired.”

The arms was a Smith Wesson .38 Special revolver, and Minter pronounced Carmona Jr. was shot in a chest nearby his heart.

Minter told a jury some of a witnesses who will be called to attest have given fake statements to investigators.

“I wish we to know that this was a murder that happened during a drug understanding so that’s a kind of people that we’re going to be around. This wasn’t a murder during a Kiwanis Club picnic,” he said.

Tanner’s attorney, Steve Blevins from a Public Defender’s Office, told a jury of his doubts about a trustworthiness of a testimony that will be presented.

“You’ll hear as Mr. Minter said, and we would specify this a small differently, a whole lot of fibbing from only about everybody a military talks to,” pronounced Blevins. “I would remind we that everybody that is concerned in this has proclivity to distortion to we to some extent.”

Blevins forked out to a jury that Henderson and Becerra will attest during Tanner’s trial. He pronounced they have a really specific proclivity to attest opposite Tanner.

“Mr. Tanner is charged with several things … one of a things you’ll hear is he’s indicted of perplexing to sack this person,” Blevins said. “Well, if Mr. Tanner wanted to sack Mr. Carmona, he had a ideal event to take that income from him. You’ll hear testimony that that income wasn’t taken from him by Mr. Tanner.”

After justice went into recess for a day, Blevins pronounced Tanner maintains his ignorance and that one of Blevins’ goals is to display some of a inconsistencies in a testimony.

“Some people haven’t always been truthful, though it’s going to be adult to a jury eventually to arrange by that,” he said.

Witnesses called by a charge Monday enclosed Dalton Police Department officers who were during a stage on Jun 18 as good as a lady who saw a occurrence occur from her patio window and called 911. Her testimony upheld a prosecution’s comment of what happened.

Also called to a declare mount was Soto, who certified to formulation to buy pot with Carmona Jr. as good as fibbing to officers who initial responded to a shooting.

“I was fearful that they would harm my family,” pronounced Soto. “Yes, we was also fearful of removing in difficulty since of a drugs.”

Almost 40 witnesses are approaching to testify. The hearing is approaching to continue this morning during 9 and is approaching to continue all week.

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Monday, Jun 22, 2015 11:29 pm.

source ⦿ http://www.daltondailycitizen.com/news/this-wasn-t-a-murder-at-a-kiwanis-club-picnic/article_22c8cdb2-1958-11e5-9cae-4368f3148b9d.html

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