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November 22, 2016 - Picnic Time

In 2041, students during Roosevelt Elementary School in Yakima will learn from drudge teachers. Everyone will have a laptop, there won’t be any paper or pencils or books, and a propagandize will have a Starbucks.

The coffee emporium prophecy stirred cheers and acclaim from children and staff comparison during a school, that on Monday hold an public to open a 25-year-old time plug and prognosticate a Roosevelt of a future.

As students and staff were scheming to pierce into a new propagandize building in 1991, they fabricated a time plug that has sat in a arrangement cupboard given a building non-stop that tumble during 120 N. 16th Ave.

On Monday, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Paradise City” wafted from loudspeakers as students filed into a gym for a 1 p.m. assembly. The time plug sat on a prolonged list adult front, with a projector and shade so everybody could see a apparatus as they were removed.

Before opening it, third-grader clergyman Josh Alexander review students’ predictions for Roosevelt Elementary 25 years from now. Children prepared them final week, desirous by a time plug opening.

Many students design drudge teachers and opposite kinds of computers — laptops, screens embedded in desks or floating monitors. One envisioned walking stadium equipment. They pronounced a Roosevelt Elementary of 2041 will underline escalators, voice-activated lockers and relocating sidewalks. Children will arrive in airplanes, and they’ll be means to move their pets to school, another renouned prediction.

Then it was time to look into a past. “Are we prepared to see what’s in a time capsule?” Alexander asked as children roared their approval.

The time plug resembles a tiny turn rabble can. Carol Licht, who in 1991 was boss of a school’s Parent-Teacher Association, found it during an antique store, spray-painted it china and took it to a end-of-year propagandize cruise that spring. Staff afterwards hermetic a essence with a prosaic lid.

Licht, whose 3 children attended Roosevelt, returned on Monday to free it.

“Let’s see what’s in here. First, we have a video, an aged VHS tape. we wish there’s a appurtenance in a building that can still play it,” she pronounced as adults laughed knowingly. Guests enclosed several former teachers and staff, relatives and a few former students.

As she private a contents, Licht suggested dual some-more VHS tapes, a cassette with song by MC Hammer and Roxette, a football trade label for Broderick Thomas, an dull Diet Pepsi can with a note dogmatic “this is my favorite soothing drink” and an total peanut butter Snickers bar.

It enclosed a fingernail writing and hair representation from a student, who maybe suspicion today’s students could brand him or her by contrast them.

The time plug also contained many photos of classes and papers, including several handwritten records from children.

Casey Morgan acted 21 questions for students of a future, many of that were surprisingly timely. “Have there been any women presidents?” he asked. “Is there a heal for AIDS?” “Have we found out because dinosaurs became extinct?” And, “Have we reached Mars yet?” He also asked if a prices of candy had left up.

Morgan is now a sanatorium director in Seattle, remarkable Licht, who pronounced she enjoyed opening a time plug and throwing adult with former staff and friends during a school.

“Twenty-five years is a prolonged time,” Licht said. “I did not indispensably remember what all was in there.”     

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