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January 15, 2017 - Picnic Time

References to a Stony Point schoolhouse widen behind to 1871 in The Gazette’s archives, when “Prof. Kephart,” a Republican claimant for senator, addressed Clinton Township residents there in October.

It is also mentioned as a site for domestic gatherings in 1872 and 1873. And in 1877, a Stony Point schoolhouse directors released a check for $5 to a Linn County Board of Supervisors for use of a building for a Nov election. They were paid $3.

When classes weren’t in eventuality in a one-story, support building — northwest of Cedar Rapids circuitously Covington — it also served as a church, a Sunday propagandize and a place for village celebrations.

An Old Fashioned Country Fair, hold in Aug 1918, was standard of a gatherings. The two-evening eventuality featured a Clinton Township band, orators, singers and an “exhibition needlework cavalcade by women of a neighborhood.”

The propagandize stood on a dilemma of a Frank and Ida Davis farm, where their son, C. Russell Davis, began operative in 1919, pushing a group of horses and a car full of divert bottled during a farm. (He turns adult after in a school’s history.)

On Jan. 4, 1944, a propagandize was exceedingly shop-worn when a glow started in a basement, substantially during 6:20 p.m., that is when an electric time in a propagandize stopped. Though proffer firemen saved a building, clergyman Mabel Gordon’s classes had to be dangling until repairs could be made.

remote teaching

The Stony Point propagandize was a initial farming propagandize in Linn County to learn a tyro remotely.

In 1953, a Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. strung a half-mile of write handle to bond fifth-grader Johnny Mrstik with a school’s 4 other fifth-graders. Johnny had atrophic arthritis and couldn’t walk. The “teach-a-phone” transmitted sound from a classroom to Johnny. When he pulpy a symbol on a orator on his desk, he could take partial in category discussion.

The one-room propagandize had 26 students that year, taught by Mary Cheadle. The propagandize house paid a cost of a write use for Johnny and was after reimbursed by state special preparation funds.

School converging led to a closure of a Stony Point propagandize in a open of 1959. It was a final nation propagandize in Linn County when it closed, with 35 students travelling 8 grades. The students began attending Cedar Rapids schools.

building sold

The propagandize and a essence were sole during open auction Dec. 7, 1959. C. Russell Davis bought a building for $1,500, and a land automatically reverted to Davis as a strange owner. (In a days of one-room nation schools, farmers mostly authorised schools to be built on their land, with a bargain a land would return to them when a propagandize was no longer in use.)

Davis had stretched his family’s holdings, fixing a operation Rockwood Farm, and had parlayed his divert track into 4 Dairy Maid stores in Cedar Rapids. He also was obvious for tact and lifting American Saddlebred horses.

The Davis family kept a propagandize and drift in good condition, vouchsafing church and county groups use a skill for meetings and amicable events.

vandals, tornado, fire, disrepair

In a 1970s, a building had sat new for several years and fell plant to vandals. It held glow again on a cold Jan night in 1976, a day it was scheduled to be auctioned.

In Jun 1978, about 40 fourth-graders from Cedar Rapids Fillmore Elementary chose to have a category cruise during a former school. They listened to former students speak about a school, took turns toll a propagandize bell and review from aged readers still in a classroom. An out-of-date spelling bee and a schoolyard merry-go-round supposing entertainment.

Soon after that, a propagandize was renovated and used as a debate domicile for Richard Rawson’s 1978 run for a Iowa House of Representatives from District 27.

In 2003, former students and neighbors of a aged propagandize were invited to a assembly during Covington Church on Jul 30 to speak about restoring a building, that had been shop-worn by an F2 hurricane on Jul 20. The hurricane also caused vital repairs in circuitously Covington.

Some work was finished to urge a property, including portrayal and adding signage.

adding an ‘e’

Somewhere along a way, a area that grew adult around a propagandize combined an “e” to a Stony name. Everything — from a YMCA to a highway on that a propagandize sits — is now identified as “Stoney Point.”

Whether there was a miss of seductiveness or of funding, zero some-more was finished to revive a aged school.

It sits boarded adult and derelict on a dilemma during Stoney Point Road and Highway 94, a pointer resolutely saying “Stony Point School.”

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