Time to give Thor a break; WPD K-9 officer retires

November 28, 2016 - Picnic Time

A retirement rite will take place during 2 p.m. currently during Prairie Justice Center.

WPD Sgt. Brett Wiltrout pronounced K-9 dogs are locating collection that assistance officers anticipating evidence, drugs and people. The dogs also strengthen officers in dangerous situations.

“They can do a pursuit of 10 military officers and do it 5 times faster,” pronounced Officer Colby Palmersheim, who has been operative with Thor given 2012 and is also his destiny owner. “They are an useful apparatus and yet them, we couldn’t do a lot of things that we do.”

In 2009, Wiltrout spent 3 months training Thor during a St. Paul Police Department K-9 School, where Thor perceived obedience, think investigate confinement and narcotics training. After successfully completing his training, Thor started operative with Wiltrout on Jun 1, 2009.


Right after Thor came behind from training, he showed what a good item he was to a WPD. Hehe was awarded “Rookie Dog” by a United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) Region 12.


Wiltrout pronounced he and Thor grown a good attribute while operative together, yet explained that it’s critical for military officers operative with K-9 dogs to keep in mind that they are not pets.  

“He was my friend for 4 years and he lived with me and my wife, yet we have to keep viewpoint given they are operative dogs,” he said.


Palmersheim, who is also withdrawal a WPD today, pronounced operative with Thor as good as being partial of a Worthington military force has been a rewarding experience.


“It was a blast,” Palmersheim said. “I had a lot of fun and we met unequivocally good people who we lerned with, and that helped me be where we am during today.”


Palmersheim pronounced one of a many severe tools of operative with Thor was removing him used to following his orders as his new handler.


“One of a hurdles was to sight a dog that was used to a opposite handler and creation him know me as a master,” Palmersheim said.


He was means to benefit Thor’s trust with large hours of training and spending as most time with him as possible. He combined that Thor cooking subsequent to him, sleeps in his room and even goes on vacations with him.


“He went with me everywhere,” Palmersheim said. “He was during work and during home with me, and he also slept in my room, Whenever we would leave town, he would come with me.”


During his time during a WPD, Palmersheim pronounced Thor achieved many good things. His favorite memory of him is a time they responded to a domestic occurrence outward of city a integrate of years ago. When they got to a scene, Palmersheim was means to locate a think in a cornfield, yet couldn’t find a suspect’s gun and sent Thor to locate it.


“Ten mins after he had left into a cornfield, he dug out a gun and brought it to me,” Palmersheim said. “That was a outrageous fulfilment for us, not meaningful where it was yet desiring it could be out there.”


Thor has been obliged for locating drugs, income and resources of approximately $110,000 over a march of his career. In addition, he tracked and located a passionate predator in 2012 nearby Bristol Park after a predator had unprotected himself to a child.

There’s one good thing about K-9 dogs, according to Palmersheim, that goes over throwing a bad guys. The dogs move a village and a military together, he said.


“One reason because it’s unequivocally good to have a dog is for open relations,” Palmersheim said. “A lot people like military dogs, so if we would speak to some kids and they would ask to see a dog, we would move him and let them pet him and play with him.”


After all his accomplishments, it has come a time for Thor to suffer a rest of his years left during home with Palmersheim. He explained that Thor tore his ACL a integrate of years ago, inspiring a dog’s opening in law enforcement.


“He hasn’t been himself given a medicine and he has been going downhill after that, yet during a same time he still has fun during work and he does as good as he can do,” Palmersheim said.


Even yet Thor will always have a military dog set of mind, Palmersheim pronounced he transitions good from work to home life.


“He is a big, scary-looking dog, yet a people who come to my residence and do know me are not fearful of him,” Palmersheim said. “He would lay down on a cot subsequent we and let we blemish his swell while we watch a movie.”

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