Tips to hiking your initial Colorado 14er: Be prepared for taxing, rewarding experience

May 30, 2017 - Picnic Time

COLORADO — Welcome to Colorado, land of mesas, plains, rivers, silt dunes and many importantly: 53 — depending on who we speak to — 14,000-foot mountains. 

Here in a Centennial State, we call those 14ers, and they’re both a badge of respect and a daunting plea for those who stand them. That series amounts to thousands any year from around a globe.

They aren’t Mount Everest, though don’t get us wrong: they’re dangerous and explain dozens of lives any year. For those embarking on a slight summer journey, tips might not be needed, though with Colorado’s flourishing population, there will be many newcomers on a trails this year. 

For those who are inexperienced, a few pivotal tips could assistance spin a severe knowledge into an implausible one, rather than one that we humour through. 

1.) Take it slow, select one of Colorado’s reduction fatiguing peaks to limit first.

Colorado’s easier peaks embody Mount Bierstadt, Grays Peak, Quandary Peak and Torreys Peak are a few choices that will be reduction fatiguing and dangerous, all while removing your legs primed for mountaineering. 

A plain tip from gifted hikers is selecting plateau that concede we a slight conduct start, and a travel of usually about 3,000 feet in elevation. 

2.) Gear adult appropriately.

You’re going to need water, a lot of it. But that’s not all. Don’t be held on a trails wearing flip flops, in shorts. You’ll fast be incited around by some-more gifted hikers who suggest we change.

Bring a vast trek with space for a change of socks, a span of shorts (you substantially should start in pants given it gets cold during a top) and a initial assist kit. 

Don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and other quadruped comforts. 

3.) Fuel your body. 

Drink H2O forward of time, don’t splash ethanol a night before, eat a good dish before we strike a trails. In addition, we will bake thousands of calories on your hike. Ensure we move high-protein snacks like peanuts, granola bars and maybe even a sandwich. (Did we discuss it’s pleasing during a tip of a mountain? Picnic time!) 

Part of fueling your physique is giving it a rest it needs. Be certain to take rests when your physique is revelation we it needs a break. 

4.) Hike in pairs, or groups.

It can’t harm to travel with a friend, generally one who has summited a 14er in a past. Consider holding one along on your initial tour to a tip both for a association and their experience.

Even on a slightest dangerous of hikes, disaster can strike during any point. A tiny tumble could lead to cuts, bruises or a damaged leg and a hiking partner can assistance rescue we in a pinch.

5.) Start your travel early in sequence to finish early.

Not usually will it assistance if we devise on parking in a bustling area — have we mentioned Colorado is somewhat swarming — though you’ll be astounded during a series of hours it takes to get to a top, and we don’t wish to be anywhere nearby a tip when a object sets. 

Starting early can also assistance we keep your appetite adult via a day. 

6.) Hitting a limit is usually creation it median there.

Realize that your ultimate idea is a tip of a mountain, though we can’t paraglide down. We suggest holding your time on a approach down, as your physique will have consumed a good understanding of appetite on a approach behind up.

If you’re wondering if it’s easier to get behind down: it’s not. 

7.) Enjoy a time, know it’s value a journey.

We don’t suggest we tour adult a 14er unless we have your mind in a right place and are totally prepared for how formidable it will be.

With that in mind, removing to a tip of one of these pleasing plateau can be something of a devout experience, and wholly value a effort. 

Enjoy each step and wear a 14er badge as one of honor! 

BONUS: Use additional space in your container for unmentionables.

Experienced mountaineers during Denver7 recommend bringing toilet paper, among other unmentionables only in box inlet calls. On a multi-hour hike, there’s a good possibility it will. 

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