To see these stone song icons for a final time during “Oldchella,” you’ll have to compensate up

May 9, 2016 - Picnic Time

Woodstock in 1969 cost $18, or about $117 in today’s prices, to see people like Jimi Hendrix and The Who in their primes. That was a prolonged time ago.

This morning during 10am Pacific time, tickets go on sale for Desert Trip, a star-studded, three-day song spectacular in Oct featuring a slew of mythological acts like Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Neil Young… and what’s left of The Who. Young’s manager has noted, people expected “won’t get a possibility to see a check like this, maybe ever again.”

The Who’s Roger Daltrey also alluded to a new passings of Prince and David Bowie as a reason to attend this once-in-a-lifetime event. “We have to face it, we are a finish of an era,” he told a BBC. “We’re a final of a generation. You can see from reading a obituaries newly that we don’t make aged skeleton really well, do we?”

But how low will fans have to strech into their pockets for that oh-so-rare chance?

The festival itself

Desert Trip is being orderly by a association that puts on Coachella any year—a multi-million-dollar juggernaut in itself. Coachella three-day passes start during $375 and a weekend can supplement adult to more than $1,000, easily.

How does that review to Desert Trip? Well, it will offer a following passes:

The biggest acts are widespread out opposite mixed days (the Rolling Stones will take a theatre on Friday evening, for example, while McCartney is slated for Saturday, and The Who will play on Sunday), definition a festival is fundamentally pulling fans to open for one of a three-day options.

The many simple of those passes, charity usually opening and parking, is $399.

For additional amenities—like indifferent seating, yet also entrance to “shaded cruise areas” and “extra restrooms”—the cost soars to $1,599. None of these total includes a $26-91 service fee practical to any ticket.

(Those who are confounded during these prices substantially have a festival’s headliners themselves to thank: attention experts assume that any act in a uncover is pulling in around $7 million.)

Getting there, removing around

While ubiquitous parking during a festival is free, VIP parking is $150. Keeping a automobile on a drift overnight runs adult a few hundred dollars. Bringing an RV will set we behind some-more than $950.

Since a uncover takes place in a remote dried area, you’ll expected need transport from a airfield ($50 for a simple convey float from LAX, many some-more if we wish a private automobile or taxi). And given a drift are vast, you’ll substantially wish to squeeze a $25 festival convey pass. It’s critical to note, though, that a latter is usually current during “shuttle handling hours.”

Room and board

Where to stay during night? For $99, we can stay on a festival’s drift themselves—but you’ll have to move your possess tent, and it can take adult no some-more than a 15-by-10 ft rectangle. Upgrade to a “fully pitched and ready-to-go tee-pee character tent with 16-foot hole versed with dual cots” for a small $1,600.

That’s not even that large a splurge, compared to a $10,000 “safari tent camping” option, that includes air-conditioned “Shakir-style tents,” outside lighting, secure blockade lines, and snacks.

As for hotels, bedrooms are already going for as many as $719 a night, according to internal paper The Desert Sun. While a festival itself is charity a series of vacation packages in partnership with internal institutions, they’re not quite what many people would substantially cruise “deals.” And there aren’t that many hotels around a area to start with.

Nourishment-wise, you’ll have to move your possess food or expostulate to grocery stores and restaurants in circuitously cities; a usually other choice is purchasing one of Desert Trip’s “food experience” packages for $179 to $499, one of that is a singular four-course dish that costs $225.

…and a rest

Plane tickets, fee roads, sunscreen, H2O bottles, toothpaste—don’t forget all a diverse charges that tend to climb adult when we transport anywhere. And if your end is a once-in-a-lifetime unison with arguably a biggest artists of a final century, souvenirs are a must. How many should we bill for something like an central festival poster? No reduction than $75.

Plus fees, of course.

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