Top UCF chemistry students famous during awards picnic

October 16, 2014 - Picnic Time

Editor’s note: This essay was creatively published in Apr 2013.

On Friday, 17 awards were given to students for superb achievements in chemistry during a annual Chemistry Awards Picnic.

The eventuality was reason in a UCF Physical Sciences building atrium. Awards ranged from CRC Freshman of a Year to Dissertation Presentation of a Year.

The eventuality commenced with a smorgasboard of pulled pork, coleslaw, potato salad, baked beans and salad. After students had their fill, Dr. Kevin Belfield, dialect chair and highbrow of chemistry, introduced a speakers and a awards that would be presented.

The Organic Chemistry professors also presented an endowment to a tyro who aced both Organic Chemistry classes, that according to professors, is really tough.

Of a 17 awards given, usually 3 students perceived some-more than one award. With a vital requiring as most brainwork as chemistry, it is an respect for students to accept one award, let alone two.

“It’s a lot of perfected work and prolonged hours, though a boon is rewarding,” pronounced Hafeez Haniff, a comparison chemistry major.

Haniff was one of a 3 students who perceived dual awards during a picnic. He was presented a ACS Organic Chemistry endowment and a Undergraduate Research Seminar award.

“In 2011 we got a CRC endowment for beginner chemistry and we was acid around for investigate opportunities since it is compulsory in a major. Luckily, after a awards Dr. Belfield kind of usually scooped me adult and combined me to his team,” Haniff said.

Haniff, who has been operative for Belfield for a past 3 years, is now researching a focus of tetrahydroxy squaraine dyes in bioimaging, as good as their photophysical properties. He is also looking to try their application in dye-sensitized solar-cell applications for fit appetite conversion.

“My work has gotten me one announcement already, and we have a second one in a works right now,” Haniff said.

He perceived a Undergraduate Research Seminar endowment for his display about his research.

“It was roughly a 45-minute presentation, that is 3 times a normal time. It was roughly on a turn of dissertation, that is what a connoisseur tyro would benefaction to get a Ph.D.,” Haniff said.

Belfield has helped beam and coach Haniff for a final 3 years via a camber of his research. He started assembly with Haniff when he was impending a finish of his beginner year and beheld how fervent he was when he initial became a member of Belfield’s team.

“He was so concerned to get going on a project,” Belfield said. “Once he got a reason of some papers we was meddlesome in and [the] credentials work, he began something I’ve never seen a tyro do during that age. He started proposing some of his possess investigate projects.”

Not usually do these students surpass in investigate and their classes, they also were famous for village use and mentoring other students.

Along with noticing students’ achievements, Dr. Christian Clausen and Dr. Frank Kujawa, both chemistry professors, were famous for their 45 years of use in a Chemistry Department during UCF.

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