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November 23, 2014 - Picnic Time

REDDING, California – Seven-year-old Emy Ortega and her brother, 5-year-old Deven Ortega, sat during a cruise list soaring with askew pieces of cardboard, splendid cosmetic beads, Chinese finger traps and leather bits on Saturday.

“Mom, what’s this?” Emy asked, holding adult a tough cube of consume to uncover her mother.

“It looks like a loofah,” Kristy Ortega said, assisting her daughter fibre pieces together to make a colorful parrot toy.

The Ortegas were among some-more than 50 volunteers during Turtle Bay Exploration Park on Saturday. For a initial year, Turtle Bay assimilated nonprofit organizations opposite a nation in National Family Volunteer Day, kicking off a holiday deteriorate with giving.

“It starts a deteriorate off divided from ‘presents, presents, presents,’” Kristy Ortega said. The family has participated in National Family Volunteer Day in years past, as well.

Volunteers dusted off Christmas ornaments, sorted screws, built animal toys and helped with a holiday selling video.

Turtle Bay proffer coordinator Liz Crain formerly hold a same position with a Shasta County Child Abuse Prevention Council, where she orderly a same event. The eventuality helps families get into a holiday spirit, she said.

“It’s only a good approach to start a whole holiday deteriorate off,” Crain said. “Just get your family together, get out in a village and try to make a difference.”

Year-round, Turtle Bay has adult to 100 volunteers during any given time, and has had as many as 300 in years past, Crain said. With a holidays only around a dilemma and one of a busiest times of a year for Turtle Bay entrance with it, Crain pronounced carrying a additional hands helps a classification prepared for a season.

“People suffer entrance out here and pity a holidays with us,” Crain said. “I consider removing a habitats ready, removing a toys all situated for a animals, removing a lights ready, all of these will assistance us get situated.”

Head animal tutor Adrienne John oversaw volunteers creation toys for animals. The museum’s parrots can be a bit destructive, she said, and fast go by a strings of plastic, timber and leather.

Volunteering during Turtle Bay helps families bond improved to a park, and mostly helps those with pets during home improved know what they can do to make toys and urge habitats for their possess animals, she said.

“It fosters appreciation for a wildlife we have, though also helps in their bland life,” John said.

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