Twin toddlers, grandparents killed in Prince George’s County residence fire

January 20, 2016 - Picnic Time

By a time a lady ran into a frozen morning in zero though a nightgown, a two-story section residence was already engulfed in flames.

“Call 911!” she screamed, barefoot in a yard. “Please help!”

One of a woman’s sisters sprinted from a house. Another sister jumped from a second-floor window to escape.

But others were trapped.

Four people — a integrate and their twin 2-year-old grandchildren — would not survive.

Later Tuesday morning, a family’s melted and charred security were piled in a yard as investigators worked to establish what caused a glow that gutted a home and ravaged 3 generations of a Ni­ger­ian newcomer family who had proudly changed in final year.

“It’s a terrible approach to start a year,” conspicuous Festus Sowho, a family crony who visited a blackened residence in Chillum, Md., on Tuesday. “The misfortune thing that can occur to anybody is to remove children.”

The twins — Anna and Israel Omijie — were pulled from a residence by firefighters and taken to Children’s National Medical Center, where they were conspicuous dead. Their grandmother, Caroline Omogbo, 55, and grandfather, Samson Omogbo, 63, died during a scene.

The twins’ mother, who jumped from a window, remained in a sanatorium as of Tuesday afternoon with conduct injuries, friends said.

Tuesday’s tragedy came on a one-year anniversary of a lethal residence glow in Annapolis sparked by a dry Christmas tree that killed a integrate and their 4 grandchildren.

[Electrical disaster and dry Christmas tree caused lethal Annapolis palace fire]

Israel and Anna Omijie (Family photo)

The Chillum glow does not seem suspicious, investigators said.

Investigators did not find fume detectors in a home, that a family was renting in a 6700 retard of Knollbrook Drive, Prince George’s County Fire Chief Marc Bashoor said. “The fume alarm gives we that early warning so we can get out,” he said. “It was a possibility they didn’t have.”

Samson Omogbo came to a United States during slightest 15 years ago from Nigeria after winning a green-card lottery, according to friends and his church pastor. He started a furniture-restoration business and was means to move his mom and 7 children — 3 sons and 4 daughters — to a United States shortly after his arrival.

They were a tighten family and embraced a informative tradition of several generations vital underneath one roof. They all went to church together, sang together and danced together.

“They’re a unequivocally tighten family,” conspicuous Stephen Akinnola, a church member and family friend. “If we see one, we can pledge to see a others.”

The seat business was doing so well, friends said, that Samson and Caroline Omogbo changed with during slightest 3 of their children into a bigger home, a one that burnt Tuesday.

The glow began during 2:03 a.m. and grew so vast as a family slept that neighbors opposite a rivulet from a residence speckled a flames, glow officials said. By a time puncture crews arrived, glow and fume filled a initial and second floors.

Frantic sisters out front destined firefighters to a family members still inside.

It took about 20 firefighters and medics about 30 mins to put out a glow and provide victims. Bashoor conspicuous fighting a glow was formidable since of a impassioned cold. Ladders and hoses froze and ice hung from firefighters’ uniforms.

Crews were assertive and got to those trapped and harm “pretty quickly,” though a injuries of those who died “were flattering severe,” Bashoor said. All of a victims were pulled from second-floor bedrooms, he said.

The residence that burnt is owned by a McGarvey Family Trust, headed by Paul J. McGarvey, an 83-year-old Prince George’s County counsel who handles cases involving inebriated driving, divorce and estate planning.

“I can’t trust what happened,” McGarvey conspicuous of a deadly fire. “I take caring of my properties. That’s a unhappy thing.”

McGarvey conspicuous that as of Tuesday afternoon he not nonetheless talked to county officials or glow investigators about what could have caused a glow though conspicuous that his upkeep manager had told him that a fume detector had been commissioned in a home.

“I’m roughly certain we had them in there,” McGarvey said. But afterwards he added, “I don’t unequivocally know. we have a male who does all my work.”

Susan Hubbard, a mouthpiece with a Prince George’s County Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement, conspicuous there are no stream citations or violations opposite a residence on Knollbrook Drive. It could not be immediately dynamic when a final review took place. It is adult to a owners of a let home to implement fume detectors, county officials said.

Bashoor conspicuous a review is ongoing and it is too shortly to cruise either charges are fitting in a incident.

“It is painful,” conspicuous Charles Agbuza, a conduct priest during a Celestial Church of Christ, where Samson Omogbo was a reputable leader. “One would suppose things like this would not occur to them. It is not an easy thing to handle.”

Friends of a Omogbos rushed to a area as they schooled of a tragedy. Many are also immigrants from Africa, and they had connected with Samson Omogbo by common enlightenment as members of a Urhobo racial group.

As firefighters continued to work, hoses stretched along a street, tears solemnly rolled down a cheeks of Sowho, Lucky Ajueyitsi and Michael Efemini. The 3 group reminisced about their revisit to a home about 5 months ago for a assembly of a Urhobo Association of Washington, D.C. Caroline Omogbo baked a feast, and Samson Omogbo proudly introduced his children and grandchildren to his friends, bragging about a son who was a basketball actor during Colorado State University.

Caroline Omogbo precious her grandchildren, they remembered. And Samson Omogbo was an “electrifying” orator who desired to dance and sing.

Before streamer to a internal sanatorium to revisit a twins’ mother, Ajueyitsi pulled adult a YouTube video on his cellphone. On a shade was an picture of him and Samson Omogbo singing a normal strain together in a Urhobo denunciation with others during a new picnic.

“Life is good. We live a life,” they sang. “It is a blessings of a father that goes with a child.”

Jennifer Jenkins contributed to this report.

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