UC Davis celebrates the 103rd Picnic Day

April 23, 2017 - Picnic Time


An Aggie Tradition for everyone

One of a many iconic and renouned Aggie traditions is finally here: Picnic Day. This year, Apr 22 is a celebratory day that honors not customarily this UC Davis classic, though also a City of Davis’ Centennial as good as Earth Day.

To ring a stress of these events and holidays, this year’s Picnic Day theme is “Growing Together.”

“We wanted to respect that it’s on Earth Day and a joining this university has to sustainability,” pronounced Chelsea Hernandez, a fourth-year pattern vital and chair of a Picnic Day Board of Directors. “We also unequivocally wanted to incorporate a City of Davis Centennial — we mean, that’s not going to come around apparently any other time — so that was unequivocally critical to us, generally given […] a attribute that a university has with a city is unequivocally unique. There’s also […] all a construction going on around campus, and customarily saying a university grow — we feel like that’s something we also reflected on.”

Picnic Day started some-more than 100 years ago in 1909, customarily a year after a university was established, when a Student Farm showcased a new dairy stable to a community.

“In 1912 it became student-run and has been tyro run since,” Hernandez said. “It’s grown immensely given then, […] it’s unequivocally customarily to showcase what UC Davis has to offer. We tell it as a UC Davis open house. What we adore conference are a small stories that people use it as a family day as good — we have families entrance behind and regulating this day as a family reunion opportunity.”

Only about 2,000 people showed adult that initial year with their cruise baskets to suffer a exhibit, coffee and divert supposing by a university, though Picnic Day has developed over a century into one of a largest tyro run events in a republic — hosting roughly 70,000 people final year.

“The customarily year I’d unequivocally left around was my initial year. we remember walking and saying a plant sciences when they were doing a plant giveaway,” Hernandez said. “I consider we was customarily vacant that it was so big. Stepping out your dorm and all of a remarkable saying thousands of people during your propagandize is flattering cool.”

The Picnic Day Board of Directors is done adult of 16 students, and Hernandez estimates there are between 200 and 300 volunteers for a event. No matter their major, all students are speedy to be a partial of Picnic Day preparation, an try that starts about a year in allege — new residence members are inaugurated after a final Picnic Day ends.

“Just like [Hernandez], we began [volunteering] beginner year,” pronounced Noeru Sasaki, Hernandez’s partner and a second-year communication major. “I indeed found out by a ASUCD fair, and we unequivocally wanted to get concerned with a village and a school, and we listened about Picnic Day and how it’s a outrageous tradition, so we motionless to pointer adult for a partner executive position.”

Together, these students coordinate both Pre-Week, a week of events heading adult to a scandalous Saturday, and a day itself. Picnic Day is packaged with fun events for people of all ages, with some of a many renouned ones being a Battle of a Bands, a Fashion Show, a Chemistry Magic Show and a Doxie Derby Race.

“Honestly, my favorite partial of Picnic Day is customarily going from side to side of campus and carrying there literally be an eventuality during any dilemma and turn,” pronounced ASUCD boss Josh Dalavai, a third-year economics and domestic scholarship major. “But if we had to pick, it’s a Doxie Derby. I’m a classical man, it’s a Doxie Derby.”

Classic indeed — even initial time Picnic Day attendees have listened about a Doxie Derby competition and can’t wait to see it, including Shireen Olyaie, a third-year send tyro and clinical nourishment major.

“I’m flattering excited, we listened that there’s fun events going around a campus,” Olyaie said. “I consider a Doxie Derby sounds unequivocally cute. we am going with a few friends, [we…] competence customarily travel around and try campus and see what it has to offer. I’ve listened it’s like a hulk open residence and that always sounds fun.”

One of a highlights of Picnic Day that has grown in a hundred years is nothing other than a parade. Every year, a Board of Directors selects Parade Marshals who are special members of a village and who consolidate a suggestion of a selected theme. This year’s marshals are UC Davis professors Bryan Enderle and Isao Fujimoto, who are both active and moving members of a Davis community.

One of Enderle and Fujomoto’s responsibilities will be to decider and opinion on a best boyant from a parade. For Rahi Suryawanshi, a third-year general family vital and ASUCD senator, roving on a boyant of her Japanese drum group Bakuhatsu Taiko Dan will really be one of this year’s Picnic Day highlights.

“We perform customarily during Picnic Day and we will be behaving this Picnic Day too,” Suryawanshi said. “We will be in a march as well, and I’m unequivocally vehement to perform, it’s a lot of fun. This year is a initial year we’re doing a march indeed — we built a possess float! It’s super exciting.”

Whether on a Board of Directors, participating in a Parade or simply walking around campus as an attendee, there is something new to learn about this immeasurable university for everyone.

“I consider my favorite thing changes any year,” Hernandez said. “There’s also so many things that we don’t know are function given there’s so many events. we learn some-more about a campus, we consider that’s a craziest thing for me. we consider we know, though afterwards there’s so many opportunities during this campus that we had no thought of until Picnic Day.”
Written by Marlys Jeane — features@theaggie.org

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