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November 26, 2014 - Picnic Time

President Barack Hussein Obama achieved a lot with his proclamation of freedom for an estimated 5 million bootleg aliens.  And aren’t estimates like that fun?  These are people who have survived by stealing from a government, nonetheless a supervision is flattering certain they know how many people there are.  How?


One thing Obama achieved is that he valid over any doubt that he is a doormat with no dignified fortitude.  Obama has been earnest to do this for months, though he waited until after a choosing given he knew it would be immensely unpopular.


If he believes this is a right thing, he should have finished it in a summer like he promised, and afterwards spent a subsequent integrate of months going around a republic explaining to a American people given this was a right thing to do.


In January, Obama will be forced to work with a Republican Senate and a Republican House.  He sent them a shrill summary that he doesn’t give a scream what they cruise or what they wish to do and he will not even worry to try and concur with them.


In a grand intrigue of things, either he finished his proclamation in Nov or Jan doesn’t make many difference.  But Obama could have waited until a new Congress was in session, left to a new Senate infancy leader, Mitch McConnell, and newly inaugurated House Speaker John Boehner and said, let’s see if we can work out a deal.  But he didn’t even give a newly inaugurated Republican officials time to get sworn into bureau given he doesn’t caring what they or their electorate want.


Obama valid to millions of people all over a universe who wish to come to America that they should not conform a rules.  He valid that if they can make it to this republic by offshoot or crook, their sins will be forgiven.


I know a integrate who have been perplexing to legally immigrate to a US for years.  She has a Ph.D. from UNCG and he is a connoisseur of UNC-Asheville.  Congressman Howard Coble even wrote a minute on their behalf.  They have filled out a forms, paid a fees and finished all they have been asked to do, nonetheless they are in a behind of a line.  But people who abandoned all a laws, crossed a extent illegally and worked illegally now pierce to a front of a line.


But maybe a unequivocally misfortune thing that this preference achieved is that it is going to make a borders totally unmanageable.


In his debate about his freedom devise – that a magnanimous Washington Post awarded 4 Pinocchios for correctness – Obama pronounced that we now have fewer arrests of people channel a extent of any time given a 1970s.


Technically it competence be true, though usually given they quit impediment people.  Remember when all a apprehension centers filled adult with children and they had no place to put some-more children, many reduction adults?  People were acid for Border Patrol officers and branch themselves in given they knew they wouldn’t be arrested, though instead would be given train tickets to anywhere in a US.


But given not cranky a extent into a US?  Once we get across, all we have to do is get a job, hang out for a integrate of years and afterwards start a trail to citizenship.  The warning signs for bootleg immigrants in Texas are already in English, Spanish and Chinese.  Who knows, with a Obama freedom process they competence have to supplement 10 or 12 new languages.


It’s going to be a outrageous mess, and that doesn’t even take into care an group that already can’t do a pursuit being faced with an estimated 5 million new applicants.  And if a past is any denote of a future, that 5 million is expected to grow to 10 million or 12 million before too long.




Those of us who don’t unequivocally cruise a whole lot of a boss assume that he chose to make his proclamation about freedom in Las Vegas given he already had a tee time during one of a many disdainful golf courses in a universe and he was personification with Derek Jeter.  But maybe that was usually another coincidence.




Isn’t it engaging how a same week that Obama creates news by earnest to extend freedom to an estimated 5 million bootleg immigrants, a White House also leaks a news that a US is not pulling out of Afghanistan as Obama said?


It appears that those who pronounced that Obama couldn’t learn anything were wrong.  Obama schooled from Iraq that it is not a good thought to totally lift out of a republic that is in misunderstanding – given we could get pulled behind into a republic in an even worse situation.




Republicans are articulate about restraint Obama’s appointments as a response to his executive sequence extenuation freedom to about 5 million bootleg immigrants.  It sounds like a humorous argument.  They pronounce about being tough with Obama and restraint his appointments, though not restraint his appointments to critical positions like secretary of invulnerability or profession general.


Does that make any sense?  Is there a Republican in Washington who knows how to play hardball?  If they truly wish Obama to change his position they can't do it by restraint a appointment of a new partner cook for a White House mess.  It’s not going to work if they retard an appointment to a sovereign dais for a Western District of North Carolina.


If Republicans don’t like being governed by executive fiat, afterwards they should exclude to concur with Obama in any way.


The State of a Union debate is a flattering large understanding for a president.  Republicans control both houses of Congress.  They don’t have to entice a boss to speak.  Many presidents reported on a state of a kinship in a letter.  Why not dispossess Obama of this distinguished podium?  The networks clearly are not meddlesome in assisting Obama residence a American people, given they didn’t lift his debate on extenuation amnesty.


Congress controls a budget.  Congress doesn’t have to give a boss as many income as he wants to spend on transport and entertainment.  Wouldn’t it be something if Obama went out to get on Marine One, a president’s helicopter, to fly out for his weekly turn of golf and detected that there was no income for gas for a presidential helicopters?


The boss has a lot of power, though so does Congress.  It is apparent that Obama is peaceful to omit a will of a infancy in Congress – that should paint a will of a infancy of a people in this republic – and do what he wants.  Maybe Congress should flex a flesh and extent what a boss can do.


I have no problem with a supervision shutdown.  The thought that usually essential people go to work seems like a good thought any day, not usually during a shutdown.


There is no denote that Obama is going concur in any approach with a Republican-controlled Congress, so unless there is some give and take, afterwards Congress should make life as miserable for Obama as possible.




It seems a usually chairman who competence have been astounded by a proclamation of Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel’s abdication competence have been Hagel.  He looked so sad.


When asked, invulnerability experts seemed in agreement that Hagel’s biggest mistake as secretary of invulnerability was usurpation a job.


The pursuit of a secretary of invulnerability is to exercise a invulnerability process of a president.  What is a invulnerability process of President Obama?  Anyone?  Anyone?


It seems to be to guarantee one thing and afterwards do another.


Obama can’t make adult his mind, knows zero about a military, isn’t meddlesome in training anything about a troops and is some-more expected to deliberate with his crony and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and National Security Advisor Susan Rice than a secretary of invulnerability when it comes to troops matters.


Obama has no thought what he should be doing with a military.  All Obama wants is for it all to go divided and that isn’t going to happen.


Hagel – who is a Vietnam quarrel veteran, served in a Senate and has some believe of a troops – had his possess ideas.  Compare him with a advisors who Obama listens to on troops matters: Jarrett, who before entrance to a White House worked for curved genuine estate developers in Chicago, and Rice, who has proven that she is peaceful to go out in front of a cameras and tell any absurd, absurd distortion that will assistance a president.  How could Hagel, with his tangible believe and knowledge, contest in that game?


Judging from a approach White House decisions are made, there is substantially a lot of pronounce about “sharing,” and how certain decisions “make me feel,” and distant reduction contention of what a decisions meant to a group and women who have to lift out a policy.  we doubt that Hagel did good in a pity or discussions of feelings.




A demeanour during a people who have quiescent recently from a Obama administration doesn’t paint a design of success.  And we have to cruise what Obama pronounced before a choosing – that nonetheless he wasn’t on a ballot, his policies were.  And in congressional district after congressional district, and in state after state, Obama’s policies were voted down by a people.  Obama was on a list and a electorate said: We finished a outrageous mistake dual years ago.




When we lived in Washington, DC, we spent some time during city hall, though we never ran into afterwards Mayor Marion Barry.  But like a lot of DC residents, we did feel like we knew him.


In my box it was given he had a partner who lived down a travel from me and, mostly on a weekends when we was walking home after final call, I’d see his limousine sitting out in a travel in front of his girlfriend’s apartment.


As we was essay this we was wondering what my source was for observant that he was visiting a girlfriend, and we satisfied my source was everybody else in a neighborhood.  It was apparently a mayor’s limousine, and it sat in front of an unit on a residential travel during all hours of a night.  And one night or early one morning they had a outrageous fight.


No, we feel assured about a sourcing of that statement.


But we do hatred to see Barry being praised for his module to give any high propagandize tyro in a district a summer job.  Not given it wasn’t a good idea, though like so many of Barry’s good ideas a follow by was lousy.  Instead of carrying kids unresolved out in a streets all summer removing in trouble, Barry started a module to give any high propagandize child in a city that practical a summer job.


So Barry had this immeasurable army of immature enterprising kids that he could have used to change a demeanour of a district.  Every singular throw of spawn in a city could have been picked adult any day.  Every bit of graffiti could have been wiped off any wall.  He had thousands of kids for hundreds of hours each.  But Barry didn’t do that.


Far too mostly a jobs incited out to be going to a city park any morning and signing in, listening to some pep pronounce about how good they were for a few mins and afterwards sharpened basketball or personification bound scotch, or sleeping on a cruise table, until a workday was over.


One investigate showed that distant from instilling a work ethic in youth, it did a opposite, and when these immature adults graduated from high propagandize and got their initial genuine job, many were angry that this new pursuit compulsory them to do some-more than usually pointer in and get a paycheck.


Actually, all a jobs amounted to were supervision handouts for high propagandize kids, and a doctrine it taught many was that a supervision will give we income for doing nothing.




Isn’t it strange that a emails of former IRS worker Lois Lerner have been recovered?


If fibbing underneath promise is a crime afterwards someone should go to jail for all a lies that were told about these emails and about Lerner’s computer.


This is an impossibly critical investigation.  The IRS was used to aim regressive groups.  First a IRS unsuccessful to discuss that it had mislaid a emails requested by a congressional committee.  Then it pronounced that a emails were irretrievably lost, that is absurd.  And now a IRS admits that it has a emails.  But this disclosure, as we competence notice, was finished after, not before, a election.


To use a IRS for domestic functions is wrong on any level, nonetheless it appears a review of this is going to endure a Obama administration.  Obama usually has dual some-more years in bureau and a IRS appears to be good during stonewalling.




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