Underwood’s Canned Strawberry Wine Coolers Just Made All Your Summer Picnic ‘Grams SO Much Cuter

April 4, 2018 - Picnic Time

The backyard grill needs a makeover. The quintessential summer jubilee has been a go-to for years of celebrating graduations and vernal holidays, though it’s about time a shindig perceived a much-needed makeover. Hot dogs en masse and inexpensive splash are great, don’t get me wrong, though what if we wish to make your celebration a bit some-more … ‘grammable? Your resolution might usually come in a can. Union Wine Company’s Underwood Canned Strawberry Cooler is here usually in time for all of your open celebration needs. Think of it as rosé’s fruitier cousin.

The strawberry cooler is Union’s newest further to it’s line of canned Underwood wines. With records of strawberry, cranberry and lime, a summery cooler is ideal for days you’d do anything to be on a beach. Not to mention, Underwood’s Strawberry Cooler is certain to be a strike with your friends who have leaned into a pinkish booze trend, and rosé devotees alike. Even a can is cute, temperament a correspondence to a summer object dress with a millennial pinkish and white floral pattern.

Now, for some, a word “wine cooler” might remember memories of cloyingly honeyed 6 packs we found in your parents’ fridge during summer breaks — though don’t let any preconceived notions deter we from this sweet-tart Strawberry Cooler. This version, from a sound of it, is not even allied to a booze coolers of summer vacations past.

If you’re unknown with a skill of canned wines, you’re truly blank out. What was once noticed as a confidant and banned approach to offer a beverage, canned booze is now THE approach to sip your splash with dinner. It’s quite good for outside events when traffic with heavy, brittle bottles can be a nightmare. Plus, with a cans entrance in a container of six, navigating pouring is a thing of a past. Oregon-based Union Wine Company put a thought out there, and has given cornered a marketplace on convenient, peculiarity canned wines.

Last summer, Union Wine association saw good success with a initial cooler, a Reisling Radler. A singular multiple of Oregon Reisling, hops, and grapefruit, a radler was combined for those “Hair down, windows open, figure a dry line from dried to coast, usually interlude when we have to…” days of summer, according to a description on a Union Wine Company website. If we didn’t get a possibility to obstacle a can final summer, don’t worry, it’ll be accessible again this year to offer alongside a Strawberry Cooler.


Oregon-based Union Wine Co. positively knows a approach around a booze cellar, though championing women’s rights? It has that covered, too! Back in Sep of 2017, a association partnered with WILDFANG to recover a singular book “Get It Girl” code of wine, benefitting Planned Parenthood. The reduction of “Pinot Gris, Riesling, and Gewurztraminer, with records of lime, jasmine, and melon,” was expelled in packs of 4 and flats of 24, with all income from sales going directly to a women’s health nonprofit. “Women’s rights are tellurian rights,” a outline explains, “That’s because Union Wine Co. and wardrobe association WILDFANG are giving 100% increase from this special book booze true to Planned Parenthood, an classification fighting for those rights all day, each day.” The best part? The cans are still accessible for purchase on a company’s website.

After a winter deteriorate filled with indeterminate continue that seems to be leaking into spring, some time in a object is needed, no? Maybe if we all drool over these for prolonged enough, summer will precipitate adult and get here — a sanctification of the cruise Instagrams depends on it.

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