Variety of breeds from many states contest during Garden State Driving Event

September 27, 2014 - Picnic Time

Competitors from all over a Eastern brink and as distant divided as Texas came to a Garden State Combined Test and Combined Driving Event, hold Sept. 19 to 21 during a Horse Park of New Jersey. A sum of 40 entries competed over a 3 days.

Breeds competing during this year’s eventuality enclosed Morgans, Hackneys, Standardbreds, Welsh cobs, Andalusians, Dutch Harness horses and several warmbloods and crosses. Also on palm was a Gypsy Vanner, an Arabian, a Fell pony, a German foe pony, a British foe hack and a Norsk Kaldblodstraver. The latter, competed by Tracey Higgins, of Oldwick, is a coldblood, or draft, trotter, frequency found outward of Scandinavia.

Cindy Vollers, of Robesonia, Pa., brought dual horses she listed as “Turbo Friesians” in a program. She explained they are indeed Arabo Freisians, consisting of 18 percent Arabian and 82 percent Friesian blood. In 2006, she trafficked to Holland and took a gamble, shopping 4 2-week-old foals for herself and dual others for a friend. When a foals were weaned, she alien them to a U.S. Vollers pronounced a idea of a cranky is a equine with a looks and mind of a Friesian, though a stamina of a Arabian. “I had full Friesians in a past. On a prohibited day, they couldn’t get by a marathon,” she said. At a Garden State CDE, she competed her team, Dark Timke and Dark Upke, for a initial time in Intermediate Pairs, and won a division.

Brooke Tadlock GS CDEBrooke Tadlock, of Middletown, Del. and Venture dash by a H2O jeopardy during a Garden State Driving Event. (Photo by Pics of You) 

The Intermediate Single Horse leader was LR Ami Sahib, driven by his owner, Brooke Tadlock, Middletown, Del. “My horse, “Venture,” is a 15-year-old Morgan that we have had for 3 years now, nonetheless we feel like we have been with him forever. we know any chairman says they have a best horse, though we unequivocally do,” pronounced Tadlock. “When acid for a equine for me to drive, we perceived an e-mail from my crony who was looking for me and it was patrician ‘Venture, a dream horse’ and he has been.” Tadlock pronounced she is still comparatively new to a foe in some ways. “This is a finish of a third season. Venture has been there to learn me all we have schooled so far, and has been unequivocally patient. we grew adult around pushing as my grandfather, Chandler Irwin, competed by a modernized level, and my family and we would be during any show,” she said. The Garden State CDE was their initial middle uncover together. Tadlock gave credit to her mother, Susie – who serves as her navigator, groom, and manager – for gripping them in line during a weekend. “She is a reason we have been successful in this sport. She was my grandfather’s navigator as good and knows this foe improved than most,” said  Tadlock. She also appreciated a new cones ring in a grass. “Having a dressage ring tighten to a cones march this year was overwhelming for spectators, and we had copiousness of comfortable adult space for both phases,” she said. For a residue of a season, Venture and Tadlock will take it easy and scheming for subsequent year. In 2015, she hopes to contest in a Teddy Bear Picnic during Fair Hill, Md. and a Chapter One Horse Driving Trial, Pedricktown, N.J. “He has warranted some most indispensable R and R, and we will be blissful to give that to him. We had a good season,” pronounced Tadlock.

Tracey Morgan, Beallsville, Md., gathering Gaylen Snow Bunny, a 7-year aged homebred hack mare to win a Preliminary Single Pony division. The 14-hand reddish-brown mare with a yellow locks and tail is out of a warmblood mare by a Dartmoor stallion “Shilstone Rocks Snowshoes.” This is Bunny’s initial year competing during a rough level. Morgan called a marathon march during Garden State “very good designed though challenging.” She records that a hazards were a good accumulation including water, trees, hilly turf and some-more technical options with tighter turns. “The cones march was utterly formidable that compulsory motorist concentration and accurate turns in sequence to make a time allowed,” she said. Morgan, an FEI driver, instructor and “R” decider in total driving, has competed in 5 World Pony Driving Championships and won 9 USEF National Championships. She hopes Bunny will follow that route as well.

Aaron Soldavin, of Quakertown, Pa. and his brook roan Ketadog Admiral – also famous as “Rally” won a marathon apportionment in a Preliminary Single Pony division, entrance in third overall. His wife, Kelly, bought Rally as a weanling and he came to their plantation during 4 months of age in 2008. ” At that indicate in time, we were competing a brook roan Welsh pony – Outcrop’s Merlin a Wizard, now owned by Marcy Eades – during a middle turn in total pushing and we not usually desired a tone though also a Welsh breed,” according to Kelly. She total that she suspicion a further of racer blood would make a ideal foe hack and did a Google hunt on “bay roan Welsh thoroughbred.” The sale ad for Rally was a initial outcome that popped up. She bought him steer secret from his breeder, Kim Holderfield, and Aaron and a crony shipped him to Pennsylvania from Georgia.

Rally is by Rosmel’s Notorious – a Welsh Section B stallion owned by Harmony Downman of Blue Ridge Welsh Pony Farm – and out of Bluezar, a Jockey Club racer mare that Kim bought off a track. She and her father lerned him to float and expostulate themselves. Kelly calls Rally a “very multi-talented fellow,” as she now shows him in First Level dressage and they are removing prepared to pierce adult to Second Level. He’s also a fanciful jumper and she rode him in dual Jimmy Wofford clinics this year. Rally loves route riding, and Kelly has fox wanted him with Amwell Valley Hounds.

He wasn’t creatively ostensible to be a pushing pony, though final summer Kelly had a renal auto-transplant, in that her left kidney was transplanted underneath her right kidney due to serious haughtiness damage. She told her father that he should expostulate Rally to give him a pursuit during her four-month recuperation. Rally and Aaron dipped their toes in a total pushing universe final fall, fixation fifth in Training Level Single Pony during Glen Willow CDE, in West Grove, Pa. and third in Preliminary Single Pony during Pine Tree CDE, Southern Pines, N.C.

When asked about a march during a Garden State CDE, Aaron Soldavin replied that he suspicion a march was excellent. “I’ve driven a hazards before with other ponies, and unequivocally enjoyed how a obstacles were laid out this year. The obstacles supposing many options, that competitors during any turn of foe – Training, Preliminary, Intermediate, and Advanced – could tailor for their knowledge level. The balance was great, and a lane good orderly to accommodate all 3 sections of marathon,” pronounced Soldavin.

Next year, they are tentatively formulation on spending a few weeks in Ocala, Fla. to contest in one or dual CDEs. ” We’d like to pierce him adult to a Intermediate turn during that point, though are committed to bringing him along solemnly and surely. We, and those who have met him, feel a Rally is a flattering special pony, and we demeanour brazen to saying where he takes us over a subsequent integrate of years,” pronounced Kelly.

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