Various organizations reason general loyalty picnic

March 6, 2017 - Picnic Time


Image by Ellen Jackson | Staff Photographer

| The Auburn Plainsman

The Donald E. Davis Arboretum Pavilion on Apr. 30, 2016.

The University’s connoisseur schools, a Muslim Student Association and the
Church of Highlands came together to horde a International Friendship Picnic.

The cruise was hold in a Davis Arboretum on Saturday, Mar 4. 





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Guests sealed in by formulating a name tab consisting of their name and home
country. Those attending were afterwards speedy to attend in a scavenger
hunt before removing to know any other over  pizza, refreshments and corn hole.

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Thamer Alqurashi, Muslim Student Association president, pronounced a scavenger hunt asked people to go around and inverse with others of opposite background.

“We are doing this eventuality to bring
people together,” Alqurashi said. 

Two of a games within a scavenger
hunt were a Four Faith Feast and Four Continent Coffee. Both of these
games comprised of anticipating 3 additional people of incompatible faiths or home
continents and coordinating a time that agrees with everybody in a organisation to
meet for coffee or lunch. If this is successfully completed, a dish or coffee
will be sponsored. 

Asim Ali, Muslim Student Association advisor, said
these are only dual artistic ways for people to keep in hit past this

“The purpose behind today’s eventuality is
to inspire people from opposite backgrounds to have common experiences
because suggestive common practice strengthen communities” Ali said. “Any
time we have clever communities and when we have friends that are from
different backgrounds, we know that that helps us quell a widespread of ignorance.” 

Ali pronounced this is a categorical thought behind a event—to give people an
excuse to get together and emanate these common suggestive experiences.

This eventuality began as a outcome of recent events
in a U.S. and around a universe creation international
students feel some-more worried and unwelcome. 

Of a 49 graduate
students influenced by a anathema from 7 countries, forty-four of them were from

Len Vining,
coordinator for International Social Programs coordinator and Iranian
Student Association advisor, met with Iranian Student Association President Mohamad Menati to discuss what actions were probable to assistance the
students feel some-more welcome.

“Regardless of what happens during a macro level, during a village level,
if we know somebody and they are your friend, we have a bond,” Vining said. “We wish to
strengthen a bond and cross-cultural holds within a village and in a Auburn

University Provost Timothy
Boosinger pronounced he wants everybody during Auburn to feel welcome

“This is
just one approach to demonstrate a appreciation for all a students that come to
Auburn for an education,” Boosinger said. “We wish everybody to feel protected and for people to be a
part of a community, not only a educational community, though be a partial of the
city of Auburn that my mother and we have lived here for 30 years. It’s only a
great place to live.”

Boosinger pronounced he hopes there are some-more events identical to a picnic.

“I and other administrators have spent a bit of time with opposite student
groups, calming them since we know there is some anxiety,” Boosinger said.
“We are perplexing to do all we can to help.”

Alqurashi pronounced he hopes to celebrate cross-cultural relations and general friendships by some-more events like a picnic.

“I’m blissful a initial eventuality has been hold by a church
and a Islamic Student Center,” Alqurashi said. “I wish this is the
beginning of destiny loyalty between churches and mosques.”

Campus Pastor for Church of the
Highlands Wren Aaron said the eventuality is an incredible
opportunity to combine a University and community. 

“It’s been a great
day, good event,” Aaron said.

When asked about her take on the
event, President of International Student Relations Shamim Naigaga pronounced a Auburn is a community.

“That is a categorical thing about it,” Naigaga said. “It is to like any other since when we demeanour during the
games, they’re display that we can have things in common rather than have
different denominations and opposite races.”

Turnout exceeded Menati’s
expectations, withdrawal eventuality contributors happy and surprised. 

“People are opposite and can get along not caring
about what sacrament they are, nationality they have. and this incited out to be
a great, good event” Menati said.

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