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September 24, 2015 - Picnic Time

By Cary Estes

For scarcely 4 decades at Vestavia Hills High School, a Friday night lights of football deteriorate have been followed dual days after by Sunday night candlelight.

Buddy Anderson has been Vestavia’s conduct football manager given 1978, winning a state-record 311 games along a way. And his wife, Linda, has been beside him a whole time, fast a solid array of 100-hour work weeks that takes place during a season.

It is a dawn-to-midnight pursuit that can be all-consuming, in both time and attention. So in sequence to yield some ease amid a chaos, Linda Anderson puts together a cruise any Sunday evening. She sets adult during a 50-yard line of a football stadium, places candles on any dilemma of a blanket, and calls her father in his office. They afterwards sup by candlelight, enjoying a few singular moments together as a couple.

“It’s a tough profession. You’ve giving adult carrying a normal life,” Linda Anderson says from a home in Vestavia where she and Buddy have lived for a past 35 years and lifted 3 daughters. “I feel like one of my many critical roles is to support him. It’s something I’ve unequivocally attempted to embrace.”

It is a purpose that Linda Anderson admits came solemnly to her. She and Buddy met as students during Samford University – where he played on a football group – and were married in 1971, a same year he became a Vestavia Hills partner coach.

“As a immature wife, we was dumbfounded during what we had gotten into with a prolonged hours,” Linda says. “I didn’t know when he’d come home. There was no cooking together. It was waste during times.”

But Linda says both she and Buddy felt a pursuit from God to be during Vestavia and to welcome a village in dual apart ways. Buddy would publicly beam a boat as a conduct football coach, while Linda would be a anchor, gripping things solid from underneath a surface.

“I like to contend that we have 3 daughters and hundreds of sons,” Linda says with a smile. “My pursuit is to adore those boys, to open a home, to bake chocolate-chip cookies. To be like another mother. And afterwards to be a playmate for Buddy. So we feel like we was also being called, that we did have an critical purpose in all this.”

While Linda Anderson is talking, Buddy pops in for a discerning lunch (their home is usually a half-mile from a school). “I’m going to squeeze a punch to eat, and afterwards I’m gone,” Buddy informs his wife, a word she has substantially listened thousands of times over a years. But before he leaves, Buddy takes a impulse to relate Linda’s thoughts about their incomparable purpose during Vestavia.

“We were called to be in this method together operative with kids,” Buddy says. “She is not usually a coach’s mom who puts adult with me, yet she has a good attribute with a kids.”

Linda and Buddy Anderson after a Vestavia football game. (Photo by Heather Durham)

Indeed, even yet Buddy mostly is not during home, a residence is frequency empty. It has prolonged been a entertainment place for Vestavia Hills players and other students. In addition, Linda has operated a education business out of a home for a past 16 years.

“This residence has always only been open,” Linda says. “From football players to a girls and their friends. Kids only feel gentle being here. That’s helped with some of a loneliness. It’s like an open doorway here, so a residence is filled.

“Kids are looking for a home. They’re looking for reserve and adore and acceptance and commitment. Someone who is going to be your advocate. To us, this whole city is family. We have former players who will come behind to city from college and infrequently they’ll come here initial before going home.”

Of course, no matter what takes place during home, a concentration eventually ends adult on a football field. That is where a efforts of Coach Anderson and a players are coldly judged any week on a scoreboard. Either we win or we lose.

“That can be a hardest thing sometimes, perplexing to find a change between winning and losing,” Linda says. “You know that even if we win today, we can remove subsequent week. Buddy is always training his players about that, and I’ve schooled a lot about winning and losing and have grown to know what it’s all about.

“If we win, there’s this high. But even that fast gets pushed behind down since we have to start over subsequent week with a same prolonged hours.”

Still, notwithstanding all a issues, Linda says there stays something special about diversion day. The fad and tragedy that builds in a hours heading to kickoff, culminating in a lick she always gives Buddy before he walks onto a field. The smell of a grass, a bark of a crowd, and a fun in examination one of a players – one of her boys – have success on a field.

“There are things that only trigger that fad in me,” Linda says. “You would consider after all these years that would start to wear thin, yet it doesn’t. I’m still an zealous fan.

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