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November 11, 2014 - Picnic Time

Legacy Emanuel Medical Center chaplain Bill DeLong is one of several hundred veterans employed in a Legacy Health system. Legacy’s arch executive officer, a arch operations officer and a arch medical officer are all veterans in a U.S. Armed Forces.

DeLong and a few dozen other Legacy employees shared stories for Veteran’s Day about lessons they schooled while in a military. Some were drafted, though many assimilated a troops in hopes of profitable for medical school.

Legacy’s president, George Brown, was stationed in West Berlin when a Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

“Many of a associated troops took off their uniforms, crossed over into East Germany and had a drink with a locals in jubilee of a wall entrance down,” Brown wrote. “Needless to say, we ‘crossed over’ as well.”

Marine maestro Ronald Gifford wrote of receiving his breeze label — he was No. 35 — and portion dual tours in a Vietnam War. He suspicion mostly of “the folks behind home carrying a cruise celebration Coca-Cola and listening to some of my favorite songs,” he wrote.

“Buffalo Springfield were singing, ‘There is something function here. What it is isn’t accurately clear,'” he wrote. “How loyal that was. Nothing was really transparent in those days, perplexing to assistance a people who were journey for their lives.”

Other Legacy employees served in a Persian Gulf War and in a post-war Korea. Marine maestro George Pobi, now operative during Legacy’s Salmon Creek hospital, was deployed to Central America to sight for operations opposite a heroin drug cartels.

But, he writes, “The toughest battles were during home, during a time that troops use was shunned and berated by a public. Combat and use vets were struggling with their identities and pride. Sacrifices made, unappreciated or belittled. Watching my coach Vietnam vets onslaught with this was painful.”

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— Casey Parks

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