Watch a cruise basket: Bear sightings swell in Connecticut

January 14, 2017 - Picnic Time

  • FILE - In this Jul 5, 2015 print supposing by a Hartford Police Department, a black bear sits perched in a tree in Hartford, Conn. The bear was safely tranquilized and relocated by state environmental officers. The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection pronounced there were about 6,700 black bear sightings in 2016, a 49 percent boost over a prior year.  (Hartford Police Department around AP, File) Photo: AP / Hartford Police Department



HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Keep an eye on a cruise basket. Bear sightings are surging opposite Connecticut.

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says there were about 6,700 black bear sightings in 2016, a 49 percent boost over a prior year. Compare that to usually about 450 sightings in 2000.

State wildlife biologist Paul Rego pronounced black bear populations in Connecticut and other states have been augmenting as land once used for tillage has reverted behind to forest. About 58 percent of a state is timberland now, compared with 29 percent in 1860 when tillage was attack a rise and black bears had left from Connecticut.

“Bears are responding to improved medium now,” Rego said.

A count by a International Union for Conservation of Nature puts a series during about 850,000 to 950,000 black bears in North America. The race swell in Connecticut given a early 1980s — when bears returned to a state after some-more than a century — has stirred contention of probable control measures, though no movement is planned, Rego said. The state’s had a few reports of bears being assertive toward people over a years, though nothing has concerned critical injuries.

Jeff Grody was operative during his West Hartford home one Jul morning when he listened noises and went to investigate. What he found was startling: a large black bear that had damaged by a shade doorway and was in his basement room.

“We’ve had bears in a yard lots of times. We like examination them,” Grody said. “But that’s a small too close.”

The 60-year-old government consultant immediately sealed a doorway to a den, went outward and called 911. The bear also seemed spooked by a encounter, withdrawal fast before military arrived.

Mature black bears generally import around 200 to 250 pounds, though some in Connecticut have weighed in during scarcely 600 pounds, Rego said. Some live some-more than 30 years. They multiply each other year and typically have dual to 3 cubs.

Most of a sightings in Connecticut final year were in a north-central and northwestern tools of a state. Avon reported a many with 602, followed by 501 in Farmington, 283 in Southbury, 280 in Simsbury and 268 in West Hartford and in Burlington.

Grody worries race control measures will be indispensable someday.

Bear sport is bootleg in Connecticut. For a time being, state officials titillate residents to take precautions to not attract bears to their yards. The dialect advises skill owners to mislay bird feeders and other sources of food.

“Unfortunately during some indicate they will turn a problem and they’ll have to be addressed,” he said. “It’s too bad. We’ll feel bad if we don’t see a bears.”

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