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January 3, 2015 - Picnic Time

The AFC North

I’m certain there were those who were examination to see when a burble would detonate with this division. Rarely has there been a some-more successfully rival organisation tip to bottom, best exemplified during a finish that 3 teams, a limit volume possible, done it into the playoffs. This could be noticed as even some-more substantial given that Cleveland, a peculiar organisation out, some-more or reduction imploded on their possess and could have simply been tip dog in a NFC South in annoy of it all. If we are looking for additional reasons to be happy in this new year of 2015 it would not be usually that a Steelers became division champions when many believed that creation a playoffs during all was too high an order, yet they prevailed in what is, yet a doubt, a toughest, many rival multiplication in a NFL. This is one of a pivotal reasons that we contend that regardless of what happens in a playoffs this year, 2014 has to go down as an unqualified success for Pittsburgh.

Le’Veon Bell

The skunk during a cruise of feel good holiday news, and positively a tip story of a week is a damage standing of Bell, who small hours after being inaugurated a group MVP by his peers, went down with a hyper-extension of a knee that looked many worse during a time it occurred and leeched many of a fun out of Steelers Nation’s jubilee of a multiplication championship. Since then, and after it was definitively dynamic that a damage wasn’t catastrophic, a concentration has been a impulse to impulse standing of Bell and discuss over possibly he should be authorised to go even if he is able, opposite a one group that we can be flattering certain that if they can take him out they will. The final outcome being that he will sit.

Sweeping Cincinnati

Bell going down was concerning, yet not so many that it totally dampened a holiday spirits amplified by Pittsburgh’s 11th hour dismissal of a Bengals from a tip of a AFC North. A lot of us saw this probable unfolding personification out when a report was released, yet were jarred with a indeterminate settlement a group followed in a early weeks of a season. Cleveland might miss a organizational competence, yet it is Cincinnati that is during a bottom of a multiplication as distant as a essential component of heart is measured. For those who were around during a time a Bengals might be rather suggestive of a Dallas Cowboys of a late 1960s, a gifted group that in a finish found a approach to lose. Or put in reduction free terms, a garland of choking dogs. They did not disappoint. Bill Steinbach has consistently contended that as prolonged as Andy Dalton is a quarterback a Bengals are doomed. While not encountering his simple logic (how can I?), that is usually a tip of iceberg.

But it would be astray to give all a credit to Cincinnati. The culmination showed so many things that will keep Steelers Nation comfortable over a prolonged off season, whenever that might begin.

Antonio Brown

You know what is unequivocally amazing? That Le’Veon Bell can be legitimately announced a group MVP in a landslide while AB is carrying this kind of a season. His punt return and touchdown receptions were during once, astonishing, and for Steelers fans, usually another day during a office. In a corner essay that we wrote during training camp, Rebecca Rollett and we remarkable that it seemed that Ben and Antonio did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. When we make an avowal like that in a behind of your mind we consternation possibly we are usually being held adult in a small pre deteriorate hyperbole. After all a usually camp, and going opposite a series of people who will be out of football when a sharpened starts. But, no. It turns out a regard was passed on. AB is proof to be lethal, and absolutely unstoppable during times. One definition of Bell going down for as prolonged as that lasts is that it’ll usually mean more for Antonio.

Ben Roethlisberger

Not to take anything divided from Brown’s partner in crime so to speak. In stay Ben seemed gaunt and fit in a approach that was opposite from prior years. Now as we conduct into a playoffs, Ben is upright and healthy. He is sensitively being noticed as a best quarterback currently practicing in a discussion (Better that Brady and Manning? Blasphemy!). If he’s carrying a good day, a vast if during times, afterwards a antithesis has no chance. The Ravens, of all people, know this. This is since PaVaSteeler suggested, and we grant that a pivotal square of a Baltimore diversion devise might be to mangle Ben in dual any approach that can  be accomplished. They’ve already attempted to do so twice this year. The initial try would have to be deliberate a success. we don’t like to  side with a swindling theorists yet I’m with them on this one. Courtney Upshaw, Suggs and association softened not try to do that with Tom Brady. But Ben..So if you’re looking for a key to a arriving diversion it will be Munchak’s offensive line and a parsimonious ends opposite Baltimore’s front seven.

Josh Harris

Another actor we’re not astounded about formed on opening during camp. It would have been tough to make a box formed on bottom line formula early in a season, yet a abyss of talent a Steelers had during so many positions was unequivocally impressive. A fact that has been certified by, among other things, a inability to retain use patrol players. Other teams don’t have that problem. Josh Harris was a good back, usually not good adequate to have a possibility during unseating possibly Bell or LeGarrette Blount. And he lacked a flexibility to plea Will Johnson or Dri Archer, any of whom were operative with dual position groups. He was held in a behind of a trade jam. Now he might be potentially a unequivocally good prolonged term solution as a interrelated back, with a impression that is gainful to this offense and not wanting a vast series of reps (because he’s not removing any while #26 is healthy) to be happy. In a suggestion of full disclosure, Rebecca has a soothing mark for Pittsburgh athletes with a initial name of ‘Josh’. Whether that effected her comment is unknown.

Martavis Bryant

If zero else, have we seen a some-more efficient performer? It seems that he gets targeted one time, scores a touchdown, takes a bow, and yields a theatre to a reduction fortunate. Wait until he total out what he’s doing.

Brice ‘Deion’ McCain, Antwon Blake, Will Allen and a Pittsburgh invulnerability

Tell me we saw that entrance in August. Two interceptions by McCain, on AJ Green no less? Willie Gay being described as a Pro Bowl impugn with a true face. Will Allen channeling Troy. The play of a diversion by Blake. The Steelers invulnerability played an aged familiar role and did it well, saving this team’s bacon notwithstanding screw ups by a offense and special teams. They are removing healthier and softened by a week. That guy LeBeau might not be as many of an aged dope as he appears.

Ike and Troy

I would advise Wexall’s piece on Taylor as compulsory reading. Few of us could ever be Steelers since we miss a earthy gifts for a job. But, sadly, a lot of us also couldn’t be Steelers since we miss a character. I’ve been flattering miffed during a bolt of fans and others who can’t wait to be a initial to force Ike and Troy Polamalu out the door. Football genocide comes to everybody who plays a game, and customarily during a shockingly immature age. The beauty that these dual players have shown as they come to a finish is something we can all learn from. On a other hand, a fact that many are singing a praises of players like McCain, Blake and Allen who they were hating on small weeks ago, while screaming from a rooftops that Ike and Troy not be activated is over run-down and classless in my opinion. What do we think? That a coaching staff that saw potentialities in a stream starters that many of us couldn’t suppose don’t see a stipulations of Ike and Troy and would skip a team’s playoff chances out of sentimentality? Maybe. But how about giving them a advantage of a doubt, arrangement a small beauty and not be so fervent to dance on their graves while their still living. we consider they’ve warranted that.

The Ravens

A third Steelers/Ravens game is always a good reward for fans of pro football everywhere. Bill Barnwell’s wildcard preview is here. As they say, fabrication is a tip form of adulation and a Ravens have attempted their best to settlement themselves after Pittsburgh’s template of success, a usually group correct adequate to do so. It has paid dividends in a form of dual Lombardis and a same determined ability to sojourn applicable year in and year out in a midst of teams with flashier resumes yet reduction staying power. They apparently are lagging in some group enlightenment and character areas. Modell and his inheritor are not a Rooneys. But on a margin it is a closest we get to football as it has been historically meant to be played. It is a covenant to how good this Steelers group has grown that they are still favored to win this diversion even yet  Bell is not means to compete. But a existence is that this unequivocally is one of those the-records-go-out-the-window-when-these-two-teams-play scenarios.

Yes, this is a vast AFC North match-up, yet that is being deceptive. There is a AFC North, and afterwards there is Ravens/Steelers that is a different category altogether. Mechem’s hatred guides are over a tip exercises solely for when it comes to a Ravens during that indicate it is usually about right. The change of hatred can't be minimized. A good boys scout-ish man like Kelvin Beachum throws the ‘H’ word around like he’s pity a container of skittles. You can trust that a area hospitals are on alert. We have to worry about Suggs and association wanting to splatter Ben and generally move a offense behind to earth by a magnanimous focus of over a tip violence. Among other things a Ravens have to worry about a thuggery of Commonwealth Cousins Shaun Suisham and Brad Wing. (And we wouldn’t trust that Matthews woman. She’s substantially stealing something underneath her coat). But honestly, we usually don’t balance in to this one for a football. If ever there will be a reconstruction of that classical officiating call “giving them a business” it’ll be in this game.

But here’s a thing: we would usually positively hatred to remove to these guys. On a other hand, being a group that relates a dagger to them never gets old.

Where do we wish to play

I consider it was Billy52 who forked out a advantages of Pittsburgh being a place where since of a group culture, a manager and other factors, players might select it as a elite destination. Here are some places players don’t wish to go. One of these locations might be a surprise.

Getting paid for a playoffs

Back before a income structure improved, an inducement for creation a playoffs was a estimable financial asset for many players. That is reduction a box now yet we consider you’ll find a amounts and criteria for playoff pay interesting.

Steelers 2015 report

Dates and times won’t be accessible for some time yet if we wish to start formulation ahead, we now know who a Steelers will be personification next season. The Seahawks in Seattle and Arians lapse to Pittsburgh would be dual of a highlights.

A BTSC tour

Thanks to Skyfire for his take of the gathering of BTSCers on Sunday night. Thanks both to those who showed, some from substantial stretch (acrollett) and to those who wanted to come, couldn’t make it yet checked in anyway. We’ll be doing it again, possibly after in month if we tarry a initial turn of a playoffs or positively subsequent year. we would also advise that if we can get together to others from this village where we live that it would be value a effort. Gathering in cyberspace is great, yet doing it in chairman is so many better.

Confessions of a Tomlin doubter

Depending on your indicate of perspective PaVaSteeler possibly transient from or went over to a dim side. The routine of his conversion was so engaging that it done a front page of Yahoo.

Confessions of a BTSC doubter

Disgruntled village member Anthony Defeo has been bitching about something or another. Neal published him. we don’t know why.

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