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November 18, 2015 - Picnic Time

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After large hours on a road, zero utterly beats saying a highway rest stop adult ahead. It means refilling a tank — and a stomach. 

According to, a initial roadside park was determined in 1929 by Michigan operative Allan Williams. One day, Williams beheld a family carrying a cruise on a tree branch subsequent to their parked car, but they couldn’t suffer a food since they had nowhere to sit. Williams felt stirred to offer travelers a designated place to take a relaxing mangle from a road. He built cruise tables out of throw lumber and embellished them an appealing green. That spring, Williams placed a tables along his internal freeway, and it wasn’t prolonged before a state highway elect began receiving letters praising a idea. 

Michigan’s highway dialect certified a construction of some-more roadside tables and cruise sites, and by a time a Interstate Highway System was legislated in 1956, scarcely each state had a complement of roadside parks. By 1972, there were 1,200 rest areas on widespread highways opposite a country. 

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Today, rest stops are woven into a fabric of highway outing culture. They mostly widen thousands of block feet, embody singular comforts and simulate a impression of their home state. Take a Mars Cheese Castle, a bona-fide dairy mecca in Wisconsin, or a Texan Steak Ranch, a roadside steakhouse with cuts so big, it could usually be in Texas.

Enjoy this demeanour during some of America’s biggest rest stops. How many have we visited?  

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