Weird cruise list building on Poydras: What do we think?

December 12, 2016 - Picnic Time

That smoke-stack of 7 wooden cruise tables on a dilemma of Poydras Street and Loyola Avenue, patrician “Endless Picnic,” is a standard Robert Tannen sculpture. Tannen is one of a many distant out artists on a Crescent City art scene. He has been for 40 years. Tannen doesn’t accurately make things; he transforms things.

Onlookers tend to adore Tannen’s art … or a opposite. There’s not many center ground. And there’s no indicate in perplexing to change anyone’s mind. But here are a integrate of clues to assistance know where a artist is entrance from:


A century ago, some-more or less, a French artist named Marcel Duchamp gave adult all a bitch of portrayal and only started dogmatic store-bought objects to be works of art. A shawl rack, he said, was a sculpture. A sleet shovel, too. And a urinal. No lie.

It will come as no warn that not everybody authorized of Duchamp’s “readymades.”  But like it or not, readymades became an art staple, as legit as a marble statue.

Infinite Column 

At about a same time that Duchamp started creation art from bar stools and bicycle tires, a Romanian artist named Constantin Brancusi designed an “Infinite Column” of diamond-shaped blocks. Brancusi’s mainstay wasn’t indeed infinite, of course. But a totem stick of repeating diamond-shapes pragmatic that a pattern could go on perpetually into a heavens.

Concepts squared 

Tannen’s “Endless Picnic” is a cranky between Duchamp’s “readymade” judgment and Brancusi’s “Infinite Column” concept.  Notice that a legs of a built hardware store tables form Brancusi-esque diamonds.

Artist Robert Tannen, 2013 (Photo by Eliza Morse)  

Why cruise tables?

But why, we ask, did Tannen select cruise tables in a initial place? Because, he said, New Orleans is a culinary capitol. With all a new restaurants opening adult all a time and a courtesy to a culinary arts, a city is experiencing an “Infinite Picnic,” right?

The cost

Tannen’s “Endless Picnic” is partial of a Sculpture For New Orleans Project that has sparse complicated artworks adult and down Poydras Street and elsewhere opposite a city. Michael Manjarris, a owner of Sculpture For New Orleans pronounced that a plan was paid for by a Helis Foundation, that doesn’t divulge a cost of finished artworks. However, Manjarris suggested that a readymade tables were $100 each.

Thumbs adult or thumbs down? 

I adore Tannen’s wit. we adore that a cruise tables are all absurdly built adult like a doberge cake on that small Poydras Street trade island, like there wasn’t adequate room for them to widespread out. we adore that rivers of cars bark by during many of a day, creation it a totally inhospitable cruise mark in a initial place. we adore that passersby know accurately what a thing is (a smoke-stack of Home Depot-style cruise tables) though still don’t know what a thing is … if we know what we mean.

That’s my opinion. What’s yours? Are we shopping into a cruise judgment or are we on a side of a ants?

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