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July 16, 2017 - Picnic Time

More than 500 members of Weirton Steel’s 25-year bar collected together for a cruise during a Serbian cruise drift on Saturday.

Since 1946, a 25-year bar has been a jubilee of all of those workers who put their time in during Weirton Steel.

And some of those workers trafficked from opposite a nation and arrived in Weirton currently to join a celebration. It is something they live for each singular year and acts as a family reunion for those steel workers who use a eventuality to locate adult and share memories from their time during a mill.

”We had a good turnout,” pronounced 25-Year Club President Ron Baker. “The people do not come here since they have to come here, they come here since it is a jubilee of what they have finished in a indent and a years they have put in there.”

Ernest Nicholas worked in a Steel Mill for 45 years and says he enjoys a friendships he has done by his time during a indent and in a 25-Year Club a most.

“Partnership and comradeship,” pronounced Ernest Nicholas. “Just removing together with aged friends and holding partial in a aged times and articulate about a good times.”

It is that partnership that brings all of these workers behind together each year to applaud one another and all of a work they put in together over a years.

And this is something that a 25-year bar will continue doing for years to come as it is something they have found a late indent workers live for each singular year.

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