White House Brief: Things to Know About GOP Sen. Rand Paul

April 6, 2015 - Picnic Time

Sen. Rand Paul is set to join a 2016 presidential debate on Tuesday. A image of critical things to know about a Kentucky Republican:



A first-time claimant for bureau in 2010, Paul rode a tea celebration call to turn one of a libertarian-leaning movement’s many outspoken member in a U.S. Senate. His warlike character won him few early allies and he mostly tangled with GOP leaders, including associate Kentuckian Mitch McConnell, a Senate’s tip Republican. But he has started to learn a ways of Washington and adjust to them, and warranted McConnell’s subsidy to run for a White House and re-election to a Senate during a same time. The quirky 52-year-old Paul will be means to daub into supporters who corroborated his father, former Rep. Ron Paul, during a Texas congressman’s presidential campaigns. But he hopes to strech distant over that — and will need to if his bid is to lead to a Republican nomination.



Paul is an ophthalmologist, or a medicine who specializes in medical and surgical needs of a eye. He has worked during clinics in southwest Kentucky, specializing in eye surgery, and helps to run a giveaway hospital for his bad neighbors. In politics, Paul helped his father run opposite Texas Sen. Phil Gramm in 1984 and on his 1988 presidential campaign, and managed his father’s 1996 debate to lapse to a House representing a Houston-area district. In Paul’s initial debate with his possess name on a ballot, using for Senate in Kentucky in 2010, he defeated a establishment-favored choice in a GOP primary by an roughly 2-to-1 domain and went on to win a ubiquitous choosing by 12 commission points.



Paul grew adult nearby Houston, a son of an obstetrician father and mom who was a secretary, and was 15 when his father won choosing to a U.S. House in 1978. Rand Paul attended Baylor University, where he was an honors student, though left but a grade when he was supposed into Duke University’s School of Medicine. While on a surgical revolution during Georgia Baptist Hospital in Atlanta, he met his destiny wife, Kelley, during a picnic. The integrate married in 1990 and changed to Bowling Green, Kentucky, to be closer to her family. Paul assimilated a medical use before opening one of his own, and Kelley Paul is a freelance author and domestic consultant. The integrate is lifting 3 children in Washington.



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