White-water rafting in a Bay State

August 19, 2014 - Picnic Time

CHARLEMONT — As a stout blue raft splashed by a hilly drop, a beam hollered out above a bark of a waves a spot’s nickname: “Slamdance!

When a waves swept us between dual vast stones projecting out of a water, he called out:
“Lemon Squeezer!’’

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Our guide, Frank Mooney, had nicknames for my 10-year-old son, Owen, too: “Alfalfa” for a thrive of unwashed blond hair adhering adult out of an airhole in his helmet and “Brownie Face,” alluding to a fact that Owen didn’t worry to clean adult after lunch.

Sharing a raft were brothers Jeff and Maury Gittleman, from New Jersey and Maryland, who were on vacation visiting their relatives during their time share in Hancock. Jeff brought along his 15-year-old son, Noah; Maury, his 14-year-old daughter, Celia.

At one indicate Mooney egged on Celia as he prepared his infantry for a H2O quarrel with a other boats.

‘There’s a hierarchy to how we do things on a river. The initial thing is looking cool, and a second is safety. we consider we can do both.’

“I wish to see your meant side,” he teased.

“OK, I’ll move it,” she replied, not too convincingly.

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Guests of a Crab Apple Whitewater journey association in a Berkshires mostly contend they were astounded to learn that we can go white-water rafting in Massachusetts. Many tell Mooney, who runs a business with his wife, Jenn, they suspicion we have to transport all a approach to Colorado to fire rapids.

“That’s a conflict a promotion bill is never going to win,” pronounced Mooney, holding a mangle during a new run on a ease Tuesday. “People who come here are blown divided — ‘You can do this in Massachusetts?’ ”

In fact, Crab Apple and a competitors — there are dual categorical ones in a state, Zoar Outdoor and Moxie Rafting — advantage from a timed releases of H2O from electric utilities that use rivers and dams to beget hydroelectric power. Our outing took place on a Fife Brook Dam territory of a Deerfield River, which, given a series of energy stations along a 76 miles, is infrequently referred to as a “hardest operative stream in a country.”

Crab Apple’s Fife Brook rafting outing is designed for families with children age
8 and up. Ten miles long, with 3 to 4 hours on a water, it’s graded as Class 1-3, or amateur to intermediate, on a white-water scale. Classes 4 and 5 are for modernized paddlers, with stronger watercourse and some-more imagination required. Each of a Massachusetts companies offer several options, including some-more leisurely
“funyaking” trips on inflatable kayaks.

In further to a Deerfield, a companies offer white-water trips on Millers River, West River, and — trust it or not — a Concord River by a heart of civic Lowell, typically in Apr and May.

The Fife Brook territory combines some drops and watercourse with indolent stretches that yield copiousness event to rest and marvel during a healthy beauty of a Berkshires. Rafting parties mostly get a glance of a black bear rooting for berries nearby a water’s corner — or during slightest a initial few rafts in a parties do, Mooney said, before a initial paddler who yells “Bear!” scares it away.

Mooney grew adult in Waltham, a city kid. He never illusory he’d spend his days using rivers tucked low in a Berkshires. He’s come to know a turf so well, he’s named a internal beaver Justin.

A integrate of decades ago he went off to Bowdoin College. He met a girl, Jenn Peabody, and took a summer pursuit as a beam during a strange Crab Apple, her family’s flourishing white-water rafting association a few hours divided in mid-Maine.

“I fell in adore with her, a river, a whole thing,” he said.

Frank and Jenn Mooney determined a Massachusetts bend of a family business in a 1990s. They have built it adult from portion a medium several hundred business any of their initial few seasons to some-more than 15,000 annually today.

While Crab Apple claims to do a many volume of a state’s white-water companies, Mooney doesn’t like to stress a point.

“We wish a accurate opposite, actually,” he said. The association relies on certain word-of-mouth about a family atmosphere: Jenn’s parents, Chuck and Sharyn Peabody, who changed their family from Hingham to a wilds of Maine in 1983 to start a business, still run a domicile on a Kennebec River, with assistance from their son Robert and his wife, Courtney.

This year a Massachusetts operation has 32 guides, usually 7 of whom are newcomers.

“That’s a high percentage,” pronounced Mooney.

On a river, there’s copiousness of fun and games, though a guides don’t demur to indicate out a intensity dangers. This summer a integrate of immature people floating on a stream in middle tubes but life jackets have died in mishaps, Mooney said.

Moments after a initial launch, a vessel dipped by some watercourse and we were doused with sprightly stream water, now exhilarated. A brief while later, Mooney destined Owen to mount to a front of a vessel with his legs swinging over a side, retaining a fringe rope. As we approached some amiable rapids, he called it a “bull ride.”

When a vessel upheld a company’s central photographer station on a banks of a river, a beam systematic Owen to mount adult and lift his index finger in a “Number One” salute.

“There’s a hierarchy to how we do things on a river,” he pronounced with a smile. “The initial thing is looking cool, and a second is safety. we consider we can do both.”

After lunch, a cruise on a riverbank, a guides picked a ease territory of a stream and began to classify a trip’s prevalent H2O fight. They bunched a boats tighten together and educated rafters on a correct approach to fill a bucket and launch H2O during a “rival” raft. Guests took turns station and heaving until everybody was good and soaked.

“Viva Mexico!” yelled one grinning male whose family was visiting his hermit in Sturbridge from, yes, Mexico.

Other boats — a dozen or so in all — were filled with parties dressed like teams. One organisation wore relating tie-dyed T-shirts. Another apparently concluded on a Gothic look.

“Guess we have to wear black to be in that boat,” joked Mooney as a organisation hurtled past along one of a river’s rockier sections.

He forked to a vast stone adult forward and asked either anyone could theory because it was blue. Then he systematic his paddlers to take aim for it. The crawl of a vessel banged adult opposite a stone and jolted us all back, and everybody laughed.

By afterwards we’d grown accustomed to being knocked around. We’d gladly go behind for more.

Crab Apple Whitewater

Deerfield, Millers, West rivers. 2056 Mohawk Trail,
Charlemont. 413-625-2288,

Zoar Outdoor

Deerfield, Millers, West,
Concord rivers. 7 Main St., Charlemont. 413-339-4010, www.zoaroutdoor.com

Moxie Rafting

Deerfield River.
66 South River Road,
Charlemont. 413-339-6617,

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