Will this be a best-ever Picnic in a Park?

September 29, 2016 - Picnic Time

ONE OF Savannah’s many dear annual events, Picnic in a Park, always offers good song and fellowship.

This year, however, competence be a best one ever. Why? Five words: “1812 Overture” with tangible cannons.

“This year we’ll have a 3rd Infantry Division Salute Battery in Forsyth Park, with genuine life cannons,” says Savannah Philharmonic Conductor Peter Shannon.

Tchaikovsky’s imperishable square —commemorating a Russian feat over Napoleon in a Battle of Borodino— famously calls for artillery to sound off in and with a egotistic finale, in that a composer liberally sprinkles passages from “God Save a Tsar.”

“The measure calls for unequivocally accurate timing of a cannon. In a aged days of march they literally had to light a compound and wish it burnt all a approach down during a right time,” laughs Shannon.

These days, it’s easier to glow a cannon, though no reduction impactful in person.

This year’s Picnic theme, “Under a Stars and Stripes,” was selected by a Facebook competition in that users were speedy to contention nationalistic ideas. The winner, Wallace Blackstock, wins 6 tickets to a family matinee of a Philharmonic’s Holiday Pops in December.

“Of march anytime we engage a troops in a city like Savannah we can’t go wrong,” says Shannon. “But a idea is to always widespread a song opposite a board, to have something in there for everybody.”

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    With that in mind, design a far-reaching trimming repertoire from a common “pops” exemplary numbers on by to some some-more complicated styles.

    “The initial half is some-more kind of ‘classic pops, we call it,” Shannon says. “There’s a square from The Thieving Magpie, that few people have listened of though as shortly as they hear it they’ll go, oh we know that one.”

    No Picnic in a Park is finish but some John Williams.

    “We’ll be doing an mention from his unimaginable Jurassic Park score,” says Shannon. “I know a lot of people are like, ‘Oh no, not some-more John Williams.’ But that unequivocally is such a pleasing square of music.”

    Other staples will embody Copeland’s “Fanfare for The Common Man.” The latter of march has turn “sort of synonymous with 9/11,” says Shannon. “As shortly as people hear a percussion and horns, they know it immediately.”

    If exemplary music’s not your bag, daddy-o, there will be a jazz sounds of Savannah’s possess Jeremy Davis and Clay Johnson of a Fabulous Equinox Orchestra.

    “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to say, ‘Let’s get Davis adult there to play.’ And we’ll only let those guys be a stone stars,” laughs Shannon.

    In gripping with a “1812 Overture” finale, there will be copiousness of upbeat, nationalistic music.

    “People contend pieces like ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ are arrange of hokey. But there competence be a 90 year-old WWII oldster in a audience, and it only creates his whole decade to hear these kinds of songs,” says Shannon.

    “There’s so most story out there we can’t unequivocally know. Then we comprehend you’ve put tears in a eyes of somebody for whom this unequivocally means an awful lot.”

    An Irish local who also conducts a Jackson, Tennessee, harmony orchestra, Peter Shannon famously disdains any kind of elitism. Sunday night will underline one of his possess personal favorites.

    “Anyone who unequivocally knows me knows one of my favorite low-pitched moments is indeed Elvis singing a ‘American Trilogy,’” Shannon says of The King’s miscellany of “Dixie,” “All My Trials,” and a Battle Hymn of a Republic.

    “Every time we see a video of Elvis doing that we get chills,” Shannon says.

    “If we ever wish to know anything about opening and song and how to tie a dual together, this is it, buddy. It’s powerful and so real.”

    Shannon says while he knows Savannah good adequate to know that many folks come to Picnic in a Park only to talk, nibble, and relax, he promises a high-energy uncover for everyone.

    “I wouldn’t be chewin’ on duck for a lot of this concert,” he laughs.

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