Willie’s Picnic draws tens of thousands for Jul 4th celebration

July 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

It’s a Texas tradition, one that has spanned tools of 5 decades: Willie’s Picnic. In 2016, some-more than 40 years after it initial kicked off, it’s as renouned as ever.

“It encapsulates all that is good about where we are, who we are… what we mount for,” pronounced Wade Ruggles, a lifelong Nelson fan.

He pronounced he’s mislaid count of how many times he’s seen Nelson perform – though a disturb has never faded away.

“It’s such a mellow, cold crowd. Parents, kids, grandparents. Youngsters who’ve never seen him before. And afterwards people like me- who wish to see him all a time,” Ruggles said.

For Chris Wise, a maestro who served 3 years in a Army, a cruise is additional special.

“I adore this country, and we adore this picnic, and my heroes are personification here,” pronounced Wise, adding examination Merle Haggard perform final year was a personal thrill.

While tens of thousands of people creation their approach by Circuit of a Americas for a day-long concert, Amber Digby got to knowledge it from a opposite viewpoint – a stage.

“It’s on a list of Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, Willie Picnic. As for a festival, we can’t get any improved than a 4th of Jul Picnic,” pronounced Digby.

She non-stop off a festivities with a National Anthem, before behaving some of her possess music.

“My relatives went to (Willie’s Picnic) years ago when it initial started. So it’s flattering cold to be second-generation, removing to knowledge it,” pronounced Digby.

Over a years, a unison has hosted a “who’s who” of nation talent – trimming from Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson. But during a finish of a day – it’s a act’s namesake that draws a many attention.

“I go behind to Willie – it takes me behind to my roots. And we can’t stop. That’s what we wish to hear, it creates all right,” pronounced Ruggles, while adding Nelson’s status has helped attract scores of other gifted musicians.

“He’s always been a renegade. But it only creates it worthwhile. People adore him. They’ll come out and see him anytime,” combined Joel Martinez, a businessman operative a event.

Willie’s Picnic has called many opposite places home over a years – many of them in Texas – and it’s now behind in Austin for a second true year. With Nelson set to top a opening off around midnight, song fans via Central Texas are anticipating they can stay all night.

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