Willow Creek Hot Springs offers camping on BLM land

November 19, 2015 - Picnic Time

Next time we find yourself pushing between Fields and McDermitt, take time to visit Willow Creek Hot Springs. Of course, whenever city folk find themselves pushing between those dual communities, it’s expected since they are looking for Willow Creek Hot Springs.

This is one of a some-more remote corners of Oregon, yet still comparatively easy to visit, should we be seeking out condolence in Steens Mountain, a Alvord Desert or Trout Creek Mountains.

The Willow Creek prohibited pool is a acquire mark to rinse divided dust, or sand in a other season, that we collect adult during a journey. The prohibited springs is permitted usually south of a Whitehorse Ranch Road, nearby a Harney-Malheur county line. This is strong large nation with an all-weather sand road, yet a dual miles off it to a Bureau of Land Management campground during a prohibited springs can be a quagmire if wet.

The prohibited springs and a Vale District BLM campground, with a few cruise tables and array toilet, is a entertainment indicate into a Trout Creek Mountains, that distortion between a Steens/Pueblo plateau to a west and a Owyhee Canyonlands of distant southeast Oregon.

The area burnt extensively during a summer of 2012, yet a prohibited springs stays an oasis, with willows and aspen flourishing around it and along Willow Creek. 

To get to a prohibited springs, expostulate to Fields, south of Steens Mountain, afterwards go 8.4 some-more miles south on pavement, roughly to Nevada. Turn easterly on Whitehorse Ranch Lane, where a sand journey begins. The prohibited springs is also infrequently called Whitehorse after a ranch.

Go 23.8 miles east, eventually channel a usually riparian area, where willows, grasses and sedges follow a rivulet opposite a road, even yet a rivulet is dry in late summer. This is Willow Creek, where a prohibited springs is dual miles adult a drainage. 

Drive another entertain mile easterly over a riparian area, afterwards spin south on a highway that turns to muck when wet. Drive 1.9 miles to a junction, afterwards go right a entertain mile toward a apparent foliage during a campground and prohibited springs.

The prohibited springs has dual corresponding healthy pools, with some petrify augmentation. The easterly one is 102 degrees, while a incomparable one it flows into is a bit cooler.

— Terry Richard
503-221-8222; @trichardpdx

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