Wine and sup during a Farm Tour & Picnic

December 3, 2014 - Picnic Time

picnic.. Dinner with booze pairing — or both. Joining us this morning…. is Executive Sous Chef during Sheraton Waikiki — Colin Hazama… And Monique Vanderstrom of “Naked Cow Dairy.” Monique will be bringing in some of her cheese that Colin will be regulating for this dinner. need vast list Describe plate we will be preparing: “Farmer’s Market Fresh” Artisanal cheese tasting and equipment Served with Lilikoi Kumquat Jam + Pickled Figs + Hydroponic H2Ocress Naked Cow Dairy Features: Waianae Tomme Pika moon Havarti White Truffle Morbier Chef Colin Hazama’s “Table to Farm” Wine Dinner Series Plus Dairy Tour, Cooking Demonstration and Lunch Sheraton Waikiki’s Chef Colin Hazama and Chef Brett Villarmia are partnering with cheese builder and butter cultivator Sabrina St. Martin and Monique Vanderstrom of Naked Cow Dairy to move plantation uninformed mixture to a cooking table. The second of 6 in a dining series, Hazama, Villarmia, St. Martin and Vanderstrom will move a season’s best mixture to a table. Dinner will be served outdoor during Sheraton Waikiki’s sea front Edge of Waikiki on Friday, Dec 5 during 6:30 p.m. preceded by a “Meet a Winemaker” no-host cocktails during 6 p.m. Dinner guest will have a eventuality to spend time with a chefs and cheese makers on Saturday, Dec 6 by renting a Naked Cow Dairy Tour Picnic event. Guests meddlesome in participating in a debate will accommodate during a Sheraton Waikiki Aloha Landing during 10 a.m. for ride to a dairy. Tour participants will suffer articulate story with a chefs as they transport from Waikiki to Waianae. And St. Martin and Vanderstrom will share their passion for all things cheese, butter and cream. The debate is followed by an enchanting and infrequent cooking proof by Chef Colin; and a pleasant plantation desirous cruise lunch on a plantation concludes a event. Guests will lapse to Waikiki during 3 p.m. The cost of a cooking is $103 inclusive; $133 thorough with booze pairing; Dinner and a plantation debate cruise is $170 inclusive; Wine cooking and a plantation debate cruise is $200 inclusive. Reservations are singular for a plantation debate option. Reservations can be done by job a Starwood Dining Desk during 808- 921-4600. Complimentary 4 hour parking is accessible during a Sheraton Waikiki’s self- parking garage for cooking and nominal parking for a Farm Tour is also accessible in a self-parking garage. Dinner and plantation debate guest who are meddlesome in creation it an additional special weekend are speedy to book a room during a Sheraton Waikiki. A special room rate of $19 5 per night and taxation and review assign is being offering for a night of Oct 3. Call 808- 921-4610 to make reservations. Ask for a “FarmTour” special room rate. — The 5 march menu includes: “Brown Butter Seared Naked Cow Dairy Halloumi” burned shisito peppers, toasted almond tahini, ho farms tomato jam, winter salad “Black Cardamom Spiced Scallops” Lavender Naked Cow Dairy Butter milk, Compressed Cucumber,Naked Cow Dairy Yogurt Poppyseed, Chicharrones “Garlic and Herb Roasted Colorado Lamb Loin” Micro packet Naked Cow Dairy labne, hazelnut “dukkah”, pomegranate pinkish peppercorn Naked Cow Dairy sugar butter “Farmer’s Market Fresh” Artisanal cheese tasting Served with Lilikoi Kumquat Jam + Pickled Figs + Hydroponic H2Ocress Naked Cow Dairy Features: Waianae Tomme Pika moon Havarti White Truffle Morbier “Berries Wild” Marinated berries, Meyer Lemon Champagne gelee,Naked Cow Dairy Fromage Blanc Panna Cotta “Cookies Milk” Smoked Hawaiian Sea Salt Caramel Leche, Spiced Toasted Naked Cow Dairy Coconut Butter Shortbread, Raspberry Pomegranate Jam, Mac bulb Brittle — Save-the-date for Mar 3 and 4 for a third cooking and plantation debate experience. Chef Colin visits Nalo Farm and Shinsato Farm for his subsequent impulse dinner. Visit www.flavorsofha waii/wa ikiki and follow us on #flavorsofhawaii for some-more information. Dinner and plantation debate events will continue into 2015 with visits to some-more farms in March, April, Jun and August. It’s . It’s time

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