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January 15, 2016 - Picnic Time

Valley of Fire State Park is a good finish during any season, though a cooler months are a many appealing time to revisit this pleasing spot.

In summer, a dried feverishness is too heated for a enlarged stay. Spring and tumble pull a many visitors, though winter is a still deteriorate when a park is slightest busy. Winter in a Valley of Fire is short, infrequently cold, though mostly calm with a diseased winter object reflected and strong by a sheltering sandstone walls.

Aptly named, Valley of Fire comforts transparent sandstone cliffs and eroded stone formations in burning hues, from those of leaping abandon and intense embers to a splendid white charcoal of spent fires. It is one of a oldest, largest and many renouned of Nevada’s 23 state parks, and many would contend it is a many spectacular.

To strech this dried gem, expostulate north on Interstate 15 from Las Vegas about 55 miles to exit 75 onto state Route 169. The highway cuts easterly 23 miles by a park. It heads toward a operation of hills and afterwards into a array of treacherous turns before a high decrease into imperishable arroyos. Soon a initial of a splendid sandstone outcroppings seem in sheer contrariety to a pale dried background. Desert foliage stands out among a red sands, and a area of sky over seems brighter above a colorful cliffs.

Expect to pass by a park opening where we compensate a price of $8 for Nevada residents or $10 for nonresidents. For visit state park users, generally Nevada comparison citizens, an annual pass will save we money. Passes might be purchased online during or during a Nevada State Parks Southern District office, 4747 Vegas Drive.

Start your adventures in Valley of Fire with a stop during a caller core in a heart of a park. The center’s film, exhibits and information table yield an course to a park and a roads, trails and facilities. Visitors find out about a area’s fascinating past, a plants and animals and a possibilities for outside activities. The bookshop offers a accumulation of books, maps and other information about a region, as good as souvenirs, toys, games and a few snacks.

Since those snacks are a usually food accessible in a park, move along a cruise lunch to eat in any of a scenic sites set aside for picnickers. Picnic tables, shade shelters and grills are accessible during Atlatl Rock, Seven Sisters, a Cabins, Mouse’s Tank and White Domes.

The park has dual campgrounds nearby Atlatl Rock, a renouned site with an endless arrangement of ancient petroglyphs. Stairs take visitors tighten adequate to perspective a stone art. The site was named for an exercise used by ancient cultures to chuck spears or darts when hunting. The campgrounds offer a sum of 72 sites, accessible on a first-come basement for an overnight price of $20 with a $10 surcharge for use of RV utilities hookups. An RV dump hire is provided. Restrooms in a campgrounds embody showers. Under transparent conditions, overnighters knowledge a lofty night skies that can be seen usually over a glisten of city lights.

Valley of Fire has a network of grown trails to assistance visitors try points of seductiveness among a intricacy of cliffs and eroded canyons. Some are brief walks to places such as a Beehives, a petrified ruins of ancient forests or Mouse’s Tank, a healthy locate dish named for a radical of limit times. Others are longer or differently some-more challenging, such as a 4½-mile Prospect Trail that includes a slight container ravine south of White Domes in a northern finish of a park.

Because of trade and reserve concerns, biking and horseback roving are not authorised on many trails and roads in a park. The difference is a scarcely seven-mile track along a track of a Old Arrowhead Road in a southern partial of a park.

The titillate to stand among a sandstone stone ledges mostly gets thoughtless visitors into trouble. It is easy to scurry into risk when light slopes lead to steep overhangs and dangerous footing. Serious stone climbers with correct equipment, training and knowledge should check with rangers during a caller core for authorized climbing routes.

— Margo Bartlett Pesek’s Trip of a Week mainstay appears on Sundays.

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