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January 4, 2016 - Picnic Time

A lady is passed after neighbors contend she attempted to save her pets from a mobile home fire. But in a comfortless turn it turns out, they were already safely outside.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office has identified a plant as 48-year-old Laura Doud. Fire officials contend she died after going behind into a blazing home — on Loan Oak Avenue nearby Piedra Road — easterly of Sanger.

“She only illuminated adult each room she ever entered and she desired her pets and she desired her children, she desired her family,” pronounced Susan Chappell, Laura’s crony and neighbor.

The mobile home was a finish loss. But neighbors contend they also mislaid a crony and family member and are still struggling to understanding with that loss.

Daisy (the dog) sat on a cruise list Saturday morning, contemplating a repairs of her owner’s home. Eventually she got closer, delicately walking by a charred rubble inside. Hours before, Daisy’s owner, 48-year-old Laura Doud, died in a glow that ripped by their mobile home nearby Sanger.

Fire officials contend Doud creatively done it out fine and even called 9-1-1.

“They told her do not go behind in a residence mixed times and she pronounced that she was disturbed about her dogs in there. Unfortunately her dogs were already outside… and she apparently didn’t know it and unfortunately went in there for no reason,” pronounced Benny Woods, Neighbor.

It was tough for neighbor Benny Woods to demeanour during what’s left of a residence where he indeed grew up. He says his mother saw a abandon after vouchsafing their dogs out. Then he ran outside.

He pronounced he attempted to save Doud by violation windows and job her name. But it was too late. The residence was well-involved when glow crews arrived, who had a tough time acid inside.

In a touching impulse of loyalty, Daisy searched inside a home of her owner, not meaningful she would never see her again. “I consider these dual are flattering confused right now. I’m certain they skip their mom.”

The animals, including dual dogs and a cat, have been taken in by Doud’s family. Investigators contend a means of this glow is undetermined.


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