WRFA To Present Annual Great American Picnic Fundraiser

June 22, 2017 - Picnic Time

The locally owned and operated radio hire will benefaction a sixth annual fundraising eventuality during a Southern Tier Brewing Company on Tuesday from 5-9 p.m., this time featuring “Songs from a Summer of Love.”

Attendees of prior Great American Picnic fundraisers will know that a annual eventuality operates underneath a opposite thesis any year. This year’s performers have schooled and will perform songs available or expelled in 1967, now widely referred to as “The Summer of Love.”

“What a good thing to applaud on a 50th anniversary,” pronounced Dennis Drew, ubiquitous manager of WRFA. “There’s so many low-pitched masterpieces that came out that year, and a selections are so diverse. You can do anything from essence to despondency to folk to unusual rock. The song of that epoch is unequivocally celebratory, though there are some darker songs, too. So a musicians we have personification have had a garland of options to select from, and all of them can find something that will fit right in their wheelhouse.”

Drew pronounced most of a success gifted by a Great American Picnic by a years can be due to a Southern Tier Brewing Company, that has frequently hosted a picnic, and to a musicians who put onward a time and bid to learn new songs privately for that show.

“Without a support of internal musicians nothing of this things could happen. They do it any year for giveaway and learn these new songs, and their eagerness to do that for us is kind of extraordinary to me,” he said. “This is a possibility for them to perform for a community, and it’s kind of a two-way travel since we like to support them with a hire by giving them atmosphere time. we unequivocally interpretation what they do, and we know a village does, too.”

The lineup for this year’s eventuality represents a disparate, though achieved collection of internal performers. It includes Cold Lazarus, Bill Ward, Ken Hardley and a Moose Club, John Merino, Gary Robert Peters Jr. and Friends, and more. Each act will perform for approximately 20-25 minutes, and a uncover will interpretation with an garb culmination featuring members from any act.

Many of a performances will be available and promote on WRFA during a after date.

Admission is $20 per person, which, in further to a live music, also includes dual giveaway beers and food. Attendees underneath 21 will be certified for free. To squeeze tickets in allege of Tuesday’s event, call 484-7070 or revisit reglenna.com.

Southern Tier Brewing Company is located during 2072 Stoneman Circle in Lakewood. For some-more information on a Great American Picnic, revisit wrfalp.com or find “WRFA’s 2017 Great American Picnic: Music from a Summer of Love” on Facebook.

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