“Your Town Friday” checks out Lawrence!

December 4, 2015 - Picnic Time

This morning “Your Town Friday” is streamer to Lawrence.  You’ll find a Marion County village about 10 miles northeast of downtown Indy.  If you’re an outdoorsy kind of person, we have usually a place for you…whether it’s winter, spring, summer or fall!

“We are a 1700 hactare state park with a Indiana Department of Natural Resources by their multiplication of State Parks so we are a state group State Park that was determined when they sealed Fort Harrison in 1995.  Fort Harrison was a troops bottom of 3,000 to 4,000 acres here in Lawrence and it was a outrageous training trickery for a Army where they had a financial center, a ubiquitous officers school, NCO propagandize and they had 2 or 3 hospitals here during one time.  We had an eventuality to squeeze a final inhabitant area of Marion County and that was a 1700 acres that’s behind me,” pronounced Interpretive Naturalist Jeff Cummings.​

Jeff tells me Fort Harrison State Park includes fishing lakes, Fall Creek and about 9 miles of hiking trails and also towering bike trails.

“There are 2 or 3 cruise shelters and a lot of belligerent here to move your family out.  In further to that, we have a good motel or board right behind us and we have not usually a lodge, though we have additional bedrooms and space sparse in a campus of buildings via what was Fort Harrison.  We get a lot of returning veterans that wish to come see what a place looked like after a State Park took it over and done a State Park out of it so they stay, widespread their income during internal businesses in a community.  We’re a good anchor,” pronounced Jeff.

Jeff says a State Park is about 45 mins from a west side of town, 30 mins from a south side of city and about 30 to 45 mins from a Fishers, Hamilton County area.

“So while we can expostulate an hour or hour and a half to one of a State Parks, a normal ones with a campground and swimming pool, we don’t have to.  It creates it really good if we wish to go to a State Fair and have some place to stay, if we wish to go to a Brickyard 500 come here and stay, or if we wish to go to Indy 500 we can come here and stay.  It’s a good getaway that we don’t have to transport prolonged distances to have that State Park experience,” pronounced Jeff.

The State Park also has an 18-hole golf march and a good sledding hill.

Just a brief stretch divided is a good place to move your whole family!

“It’s a lot of fun with opposite games and activities.  We have something for everybody!” pronounced General Manager of Incrediplex, John Gullion.

Just off Pendleton Pike and Sunnyside in Lawrence is Incrediplex!  It’s a vast 4-acre entertainment, sports and eventuality formidable where you’ll find fun for everyone!

“We have 7 territory fields.  We have over 50-thousand block feet of turf.  We have a lot of clubs like lacrosse, football, basketball or soccer.  They come in and do training.  We also have 4 basketball courts and we have 5 sports courts.  We can run adult to 18 volleyball courts during one time.  So on a sports side we get a lot of teams that come in and use and do training… however we do a lot of events as well,” pronounced John.

If we usually wish to let lax and play some games they have 83 arcade games, a bowling alley, a bungee jump, laser tab and a new rebound arena.

“We usually recently non-stop a rebound arena.  We have 4 vast inflatables, a stone wall and a 4 story barrier course.  They get a wristband and they can be in there for 1 hour or an whole day,” pronounced John.

Incrediplex has hosted birthday parties for a small ones and even corporate events for adults.

“We do have a bistro.  We offer drink and booze for a corporate holiday events.  We have an a la grant menu so either you’re looking for something that has a figure hire or you’re looking for something as elementary as duck tenders or wraps or salads, we have that as well.  It’s an implausible place!  It`s a lot of fun and either you’re into sports or entertainment, this is a place to be and once we travel in we have that wow cause and we like to consider a patron use knowledge is that wow cause as well,” pronounced John.


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